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Alternative Version for Boosting, Everyone could be happy

After several discussions with many gamers I got an idea about the much controversary BOOSTing.

Why cannot just JWA use the feature of JW The Game?

Boost matches could be separated in the arena OR tournaments could be built around this theme, so beside the awards, boosters could be won to go further in the tournament.

I believe this could be the best solution. For us, who are more into the good old tactical playing with our normally functioning , naturally leveled team we would be able to play in peace and for the boost fans they would also have space for playing with their steroid dinos.

Gamers would be happier, it would be less chaos, less headache for Ludia in logistics and it would result in less quitting players.


Whether people have used them or not , they have been given out anyway . Every daily incubator gives them out whether you want them or not , and now you can get them in strike towers .
So by all means let’s have unboosted even playing field tournaments , but having a pile of boosts and not using them is just silly .
The people who exploited the glitch yesterday will be way up on the board by now so the rest of us are unlikely to be battling them anyway .

Im high enough still to face them :(((

It would be the work of Ludia to work it out.

Just make a temporary arena where no boost is present… Later the boosts what the dinos have already, they could be used on special tournaments or to the boost arenas. There must be a way. Just a bit of creativity… :slight_smile: