Alternatives to Fixing Matchmaking + A large rant

Alrighty. I haven’t posted a topic in a while, but here we go.

First, let’s start with the alternatives, so these don’t get overshadowed by my rant.

  1. Make AI an option in arena, NOT a last resort
    Currently, in arenas 1-8, you get an AI after losing a certain amount of times (pity AI), and in arenas 9 and up, you get a fight AI button after 30 seconds (timer AI). In both cases, you do not get to choose whether you fight a player or AI, it is a last resort. This is horrible for those of us who just want incubators or to help with alliance missions, and don’t want to care about the high ranking. Yes, it has it’s problems this way, but this would definitely stop the dropping issue. Just make it that AI don’t count for trophies, like how it is now, if you need an incentive to keep pvp alive.
  1. More casual options. Not all strikes are visible within my neighborhood, let alone within my range, and campaign takes forever to progress once you reach later levels. This leaves friendlies as our only casual PvP option, as the aformentioned Strike Towers and Campaign are PvE, and raids are PvE as well (though you play alongside 1-3 other players). Maybe have a mode where you pick a non-hybrid and fight it’s hybrid line, or maybe one where you fight one AI a day, where the reward is small at first, but gets bigger as you go on, the AI getting harder in return. Again, not everyone wants to fight for rank.
  1. A concede/surrender button, or skip button. The former would make the battle not count for trophies, the latter, you’d still lose trophies, but a bot takes over for you while you move on to the next battle (kinda like Smash Ultimate without the penalty for turning off your switch mid-match). Either way, a way to just quickly end a match against a foe you can’t beat would be nice.

Okay, that’s all for the section on alternative stuff. Now, for my big, meaty rant. Only people that need to read this part are the ones working for Ludia, but you can read if you want.


Oh boy… where do I begin? PvP sucks (in my opinion, don’t take it as fact). I love the PvE aspects and the darting minigame, I love collecting critters. But PvP? Good lord, I HATE JWA’s PvP. Yeah, bad luck exists in all games, but you can’t see your opponent’s team, your team is random. One class oppresses the others, making another almost useless. The matchmaking sucks, pairing you with overboosted and overlevelled foes, droppers too. And the Shores matchmaking? It doesn’t affect just Shores. It affects the ENTIRE arena. You KNOW a game’s PvP is bad when people hope they get AI instead of a player. You know a system is horribly flawed when there is 500+ players boycotting it. And it’s clear that they don’t want you to lose in a way you can learn from, only in a way that entices you to spend.

And that isn’t the worst part. The worst part is, they promised better communication when replying to Gamepress, but aside from the Antarctovenator attempt (a step in the right direction), they don’t seem to listen at all. There has been many cries to fix matchmaking, but they got nothing more than “we’re listening”. It has taken a LOT of self control to ensure I do not say something I shouldn’t on places that don’t allow it.

This is why I listed alternatives. Ludia doesn’t seem to listen too much anyways, but they likely won’t fix matchmaking. If anything, an alternative option seems more realistic, but even then is farfetched. Ludia, you NEED to keep your promise that you made in the GamePress response. You will lose customers if you keep ignoring the cries of the majority to appease the minority. Whether it be the more realistic option of adding one of the suggested alternatives, or by some miracle, you fix matchmaking, please do SOMETHING to fix it! I am so sick of running into teams I can’t beat, due to being 3-7 levels higher than mine and more boosted. And I am sure many others are sick of it too. I have been dealing with this since Marshes, and it’s so unfair. I can only imagine how unfair and harsh it is for players who have played for years, yet are still stuck in aviary due to the unfair matchmaking system.