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Hi, I was wondering if there was another legit method to play for a while. That doesn’t include phones.

For everyone who might take this the wrong way… This is the second time my phone has broken down, cutting me off from clan. And thing is, I am the leader of a high level clan so I can’t stay off for too long. Some help please.

I’m assuming you mean via a PC port/build or even some sort of emulator?

To the best of my knowledge, neither of the former exist, and the latter is against Ludia’s ToS.

It’s a shame there’s no second-in-command implemented at this point in time, because this is one of the many situations where it would prove itself useful. I’m sorry you’re put in such an unfavorable position, @Featherwing :frowning:, it sounds frustrating, at the very least.

The only thing I can think of, off the top of my head, is perhaps promoting someone whom you feel you can trust to take over as clan leader in your absence until your phone situation is remedied. If, of course, you feel comfortable with the idea and they know it would only be temporary. I also know it’s not always so cut and dry; buying a new phone isn’t exactly cheap, and it’s certainly not something everyone can just do at the drop of a hat.

If anyone else has any helpful suggestions, toss them in! I wish you the best of luck, in the meantime. :slight_smile:

I‘m playing on my tablet that has a better RAM and is working pretty smooth so far, no breakdowns or anything. Apart from better performance the tablet has a smaller risk to break because I simply don‘t put it into pockets, don’t put it out while walking etc. Of course I usually adjust my time schedule to use WiFi most of the time, but I thought about getting a SIM with some data for the tablet as well.
Biggest point: it‘s expensive to buy a tablet if you don‘t really need it for anything but a game.

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Hi guys. My issue is with a damaged charging port and a damaged external charger, which I’m thankfully able to tweak. But at some point it might go down with battery, to which I’ll need more than a day trying to get my way back in.

I am asking if ludia herself has some way of legit back-up playing method so I don’t fall to their eyes if you will. Like, they could release the game on fb and make it playable there. It’s already possible to link your game account, so why not play as well?

I could use something like that to get my device fixed in the meantime.

As it is now, I only lost half a day while the previous time I lost a whole day… Hopefully next time I can tweak as well. Huh.

You know, I’m not sure! I know they have a facebook version of Rise of Berk, but that doesn’t have anything like in-game chat, nor is it a match 3. I’m honestly not all that familiar with facebook games in general? I don’t know what their norm is. As of this moment in time, they do not. As to any plans, I don’t believe so? But take that with a grain of salt.

In the meantime, is your phone fairly new? It might have the capability to be charged wirelessly. If you can’t get it looked at right away (or replaced), it would be cheaper grabbing a wireless charging pad. They seem to be everywhere from 10 USD to 60 and up if you want to be ~fancy~ :wink:

I know your concern lies within your phone giving out entirely, but it would extend the life of it to not mess with a dead/dying port. Depending on the damage it could be a fire/electrical hazard as well.

  1. The external charger has a magnet between 2 plug-ins. The magnet has started going out of its space, and I have to keep pushing it in so contact is still made.

It’s a loophole that bypasses the charging port, but… takes more time and is not that stable.

  1. Phone itself is 5,5 years old. Definitely needs some service anyway.

  2. I tried searching for these ludia games on fb, but even Rise of Berk, which I have tried but not liked, it says “send to phone”. No web playing option, and this game does indeed not exist at all, except for its fan pages and groups.

I have certainly been thinking of wireless charging. Perhaps I’ll try a charger like that. When I find one compatible.