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Always a 10 on a Unique fuse?


Is iT just me or is iT Always a fact that you just get 10 DNA on a first fuse on a Unique dino? Have 5 !!! Times a 10 fuse on my erlidominus thats horrible :see_no_evil:. And after that one time a 10 on a tora and one 10 on a touramolog. What are the experiences by the other gamers?

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It’s random. I got 10s but I’ve also gotten some 20s and even a 40. I only have one unique at the moment so I can’t say if it happens for every single one though.


Certain uniques are worse than others for me like Magna. But I got a bunch of really good fuses on Diloracheirus when I created that one so I think it really depends.

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Lately i get the 10’s if i fuse just a single time. Maby if i got more patiënt and wait Til i got enough DNA for multiple fuses the problem Will be solved . Butt 200 erliko DNA if not easy to come by :wink:

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I’ve got a 100 on tryko and 90 and 80 back to back on indoraptor. But I obviously get lots of 10’s too. I got these high ones when I was creating them.

@Piere87… sorry don’t know why that replied to you, was just replying to the thread.

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I haven’t been lucky enough for a 100 on a unique yet, but I am hoping it will come soon. I think I got a 80 on Erlidom when I was creating it. Magna has been the worse by far for me. Currently 180/250 to create and have had soo many 10’s on Pyrritator that just ate up all the irritator DNA I had hoarded.


I like to have a bunch of DNA save up as well before I start fusing. But if I am only 20 or 30 away from leveling or creating I usually just go for the one fuse and hope for the best. Or I go ahead and fuse if I get DNA for something I don’t see very often. Especially with things like Dilorach or Pyrritator because Ourano and Irritator are hard to come by for me.


Yeah magna and pyra chewed through a lot of irritator dna. I had 45,000 irritator saved up between three accounts as I hadn’t bothered making magna on 1.5. That 45,000 dna took pyra from L18 on 3 accounts to magna 22,22, and 23 only on the 3 accounts.


I know everyone has their techniques but I have two one hour slots where I seem to get good fuses; I then fuse Suchotator until I get a 10 and then switch to something more valuable that is waiting.

It is definitely better to fuse multiple times on a single creature … if you have 5 fuses and get 10 10 10 20 50 across 5 creatures, 3 of them get a bad deal which makes you cry - but all on one and you have an average of 20 which makes you happy - I know ultimately the end result is the same but for your mental wellbeing it is better :slight_smile:

4+ chains of 10 are very rare in my experience but when it does happen its soul crushing.


Wow. That is a lot of Irritator DNA. I’ve actually gotten to the point of requesting Irritator from the alliance. My request never gets completely filled, but I can usually get at least 100 and every little bit helps. I really hope we get an Irritator event soon.


Seems like a lot but really only about 15,000 per account and had been saving a long time.


It’s not a rule, but somehow it looks like it many times.


There’s ppl who have unlocked uniques in like 4 fuses. It’s all luck.


Just had my 6th straight 10 fuse on erlidominus :joy::joy:.


My last 3 fuses on Erlidom were 40, 50, 10. Done on separate days because i only find 1 Erlik here and there.


Jelous man! Lol i must have got bad karma :see_no_evil:


I think it is related to the dino which we are fusing, when I’m trying to create a unique it mostly gives 10, 20 like that, but recently I was fusing purrolyth which is at lvl 20 and I saw DNA fuses like 30, 50, 80 being more frequent than 10, 20…


It’s just luck (good/bad). For my Indoraptor, I got all 10 fuses except 1 20-point fuse. If it hadn’t been for those two events where it was on the event map, I might still be working on him.

But, I recently got a 90-point fuse on my Magna!