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Always the same dino DNA from battle incubators


I was finally able to stay in Sorna marches for over a week. Excited to be able to receive t rex DNA from the battle incubators… after 10+ epic Incs (+1 24h epic Inc) I noticed that I always get the same DNA. A fixed 13 dna of stygimoloch. This had never changed so Its not that ive just been unlucky,… the reward system is broken i think


Stygimoloch is a battle arena exclusive. it’s the only way to get the dna for it.

Though granted I could go without the purussasaurus dna personally.


This is a question asked so many times on this forum…
Before ver.1.3, some 8h incubator like this will only offer 13 random DNA for epic.
This guaranteed 13 Stygimoloch is an extra reward added into 8h incubator on ver.1.3.
Because it is arena exclusive dino, that’s all.

Only if you entered arena 9, that would be changed . But still the same amount guaranteed DNA, the difference is become randomly chosen between Stygi and Alanqa.

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