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Always the same (useless) Legendary Card

I want to share my crazy story: I’ve been looting ONLY the same (useless) Legendary Card for 7 times in a Row in the last 3 weeks.

This is impossibile, statistically speaking.

Here the story log of the drops:
1 during last ToM
1 during last Silverhand’s purple chest
1 during last Mirt’s 24th day gift
3 from battle chests in 3 days (I bought the spellbook Treatise of Time - by mistake - and I opened 300ish chests in 3 days not to waste 800 gems, not fun at all).
1 one second ago as a Guild Raid reward.

In terms of probabilities: I have 9 toons (no Jarlaxe), each of them has 6 items = 54 different Legendary cards.

The chances are (1/54) x (1/54) x (1/54) x (1/54) x (1/54) x (1/54) x (1/54) = 1,85% (7!)…well, this is a ridiculous number equal to 0,000000000075% which means IMPOSSIBLE.

The funny thing is I don’t use Nayeli and that, among the same slot of the Broock of Shielding, both the Epic Ring and the Owl are far better than this useless Legendary.


Crazy stuff happens in this game. For me it is Judgment of Tyr which isn’t useless but I have Level 4 with 5 extra! I got it to Level 4 before I got Tommus’ weapon to Level 2.

Well in other news I’m going to sleep and it will be a new season when I wake up so congratulations on first place.

Thank you mate (got the 1st place only because I farmed battle chests since I bought by mistake the 3 days spellbook of time :frowning: )

Anyway i think both of our cases are bugs affected and Ludia should be doing something about that. At least, in my case, I I would have understood if I had dropped 7 of these cards over the last 50 Legendary cards…but not 7 in a row.


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I got the same useless Legendary just now (again).
What do you think is the design philosophy behind having practically useless legendaries? It’s almost like the designers don’t play the game. Is disappointment after anticipation a design feature?


I think they do it on purpose: they increase the drop rate of useless (and armour) items, while they decrese the drop rate of the best items (Saarvin Bracers, Shevarith Staff, etc…).

I’m my case - 7 Broock of Shielding in a row - I think Ludia has cursed me for the many complains :joy::joy:

Or it’s a bug…

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I’ve gotten 7 nayelli chests in 2 weeks… and 3 or 4 of her helms. Normally i don’t complain about legendaries, except for chest because its useless, but come on, i don’t even use her. If luck was good those would all be wizard staff.

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Yeah I had a crazy streak of looting the pally legendary helm. I couldn’t escape them for awhile but it seems the curse is gone now.

@Fizbanius you should open a ticket, this does not seem very normal

@Fasdf Yup, did it, waiting for a reply from Ludia, thank you for the advice anyway.

@Lividfrost @Greenwave thank you for your feedback guys, this only reinforces the fact that these kind of things are either a bug (hopefully) or INTENDED.

@Styrixa I feel your pain! As stated above, I hope it’s a bug (but, strangely, affecting only Nayeli and/or useless item).

@Ned would you please support us with this topic? How come that a legendary useless card drops for 6-7 times in a row and, lo and behold, they are alwasy crappy items (i.e. chests, Broock of Shielding) moreover of Nayeli, one of the less used toon?

I haven’t gotten a non paladin legendary for like 3 weeks now… it’s all i get. The only times i get something different was from 2 for 1 packs or i bought them from durnan when they were offered.

I hope this is a bug but moreso, i want them to remove legendary chest pieces altogether. It’s only there for cosmetics and i’m sure a very small minority of people care about how their chestpiece looks like.

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You described perfectly what’s happened to me @Lividfrost

It’s clear it isn’t normal…

Hey Fizbanius, what I can do is forward the feedback to our team for them to look at. :slight_smile:

Thank you @Ned, fingers crossed…

Update: guess which item I looted after reaching 4500 throphies from the League of Dragons chest? Whit this one, they are 8 Broocks of Shielding in a row…what else can I say?

Yet, the reply of the support is: “it’s truly random…”
I opened this post under the “Bug reports” session because this is a bug and, as Ludians can read from above from other experienced players, my situation is not the only one.
@Ned can you please insist with the developers highlighting the fact this is a bug and affected people must be compensated?

Honestly in your situation I would have given up long time ago. Devs must compensate you

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You’re right mate, yet I still enjoy PvPing with many good and nice players who are the only real good thing of the game.

I think all WoW Community understood long time ago the only purpose of Ludia is to get players addicted via very questionable psycological dynamics. In this regards, I’m not spending money anymore on the game.

This Portable hole is my Jarl’s ‘53th’ legendary.

I already had Lv.4 armor!

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@Dungeoneer Yo Airborne, and don’t you think Ludia should do something about that? Especially in regard to both Legendary armours and bad Legendary items which, very strangely :joy: happen to drop very frequently in comparison to very useful items (I haven’t seen a single Saarvin bracier in 5 months, but I looted 8 Broocks of Shielding in 3 weeks).

The simple solution is to let us trade or sell legendaries. They could even just restrict it to within the same character and make it bad terms like Airborne for instance maybe could trade 2 pieces of armor for 1 portable hole. I don’t have a fully thought out formula just that it would be nice to have some agency in how legendaries are acquired. You could make the argument in DnD I don’t get to choose what the adventure reward will be (the reason why EVERYONE plays White Plume lol) but I can trade with other players.

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I agree, but I think Ludia doesn’t want free/open trade between players (except for limited trade inside the Guilds) since they profit - a lot - from Durnan’s Shop - RANDOM :joy::joy::joy: - dynamics.