Am I a cheater? Play Jurassic World Alive On PC

I’m a Youtuber and I play Jurassic World Alive on pc through an emulator and use the software on the emulator for moving in the game. So, you know I can’t bring my pc run around parks. Am I a cheater?

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Well if you consider The simple facts it was made for mobiles and for walking Then yes. You do have an advantage because you dont have to physically walk yourself.


Erm… yes. By definition, yes, you are.


I make youtube aswell, but that still doesnt want me to play on pc.

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Yup, you can just record from you phone and then do whatever you want on YouTube. I’m getting sick of spoofer excuses.


I can’t imagine why anyone would even want to play on a pc emulator.Unless that is your only option because mobile games played on emulators are notoriously slow and hard to control.

Especially an AR game.


yes of course that’s cheating, you are not out and about. That’s a ban in my opinion


Yes that’s the definition of cheating. You don’t have to go out in 107 degree weather sweating your butt off, or bike the 12 miles that I do daily to get my dinos. Learn to exercise and get out, this isn’t a sit on your booty contest game. Honestly if it were up to me, I’d have zero tolerance either reset or ban. Shame on you as a youtuber, advocating cheating to the audience.


guess I’m just making up excuses when I say I can’t even walk, so spoofing was the only option for me

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Yup you are, because it was still against the rules.

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What does that have to do with anything? If you choose to play the game, it’s at your own risk, nobody is making you play it. What you aren’t allowed to do is modify it, unless Ludia expresely gives you permission to do so.

I’m very sorry for your situation, I never meant otherwise, but that doesn’t make you entitled to cheat.


Yes. Duh. (Filler for 20 characters)

Well this took some interesting turns…

You are not the only one a certain B* doing the same and cheated on JW:THE GAME, some of Youtuber use an iPad !

I think there’s a fair argument to be made that it’s not made for walking since, unlike other AR games, it doesn’t actually incentivise walking in any way other that simple collection mechanics.

That is, there’s no bonuses or incentives to walking any distance like Eggs or the Buddy System in PoGo, so other than moving from dino to dino, you get nothing by walking. In that sense, siting at your PC “walking” around isn’t all that different than driving from place to place.

Now, I’m not saying that it isn’t a breach of the terms of use to play it on an emulator, it might very well be, and if so then yes it’s cheating. But I wouldn’t say it’s cheating because you aren’t walking because nothing in the game requires you or even asks you to walk.

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Wow. Your legs aren’t the only thing that were broken. Fix your brain, monster.

yes you are, you not walk normal, your teleporting or walk whitch your mouse, look the terms of user´s

Do you really have to ask? Yes you are…

People need to stop making excuses and thinking they are exempt from the rules. If you’re doing anything that moves you around without actually having to move around, it’s cheating. If you can’t walk, have someone drive you around for a little while. There are ways to make it work without breaking the rules


No. People will hate no matter. Those who spend hours walking on a game have little to no life.