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Am I apart of the tournament?

Hi, I was at 3900 :trophy: when the tournament started and currently am at 4241 (one lucky battle away from 4250 which earns a reward) if I happen to have the RNGods on my side and end up over 4250 when the tournament ends will I recieve a prize?

Yes i believe so.
Everytime i get up to 4200 i end up on a losing streak back down to 4k

You can do it bro. Keep your spirit up. I m rooting for you from sorna

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Yes, you are, but tournament ends next monday. If you are then over 4250, you should get the reward.

I was at 4260 two days ago, but was to soon to end fighting. Hopefully I’ll get another 24h incubator and get back over 4250 to take weekend off.

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Thanks guys. You’re right, It probably is a little too early to camp out and wait just yet. My team is a solid 4100 but depending on luck and brain fades I can fluctalte ± 150 either way.
Does anyone know what the reward is? So I can work out how many incubators I should sacrifice if I’m lucky enough to be in a position to camp over 4250 or not.


Good luck by the way :+1::muscle:

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Yup! I actually got to 4298 before a streak had me 3880 currently at 4080

Its crazy,im just fighting for incubators now tbh.maybe try and push later on in the week

Yup I am saving my 12 hour one and hoping for a 24 hour and 2 eight hours ones for the last 2 days!

That is if I even can get to 4250

I was tickling the toes of the top 500 until I hit a minor land slide yesterday. Itll be a rough few days

You can do it! There’s still plenty of time.

GL to you and pp to reach your goals!


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Soooo torn. Being F2P I really really want that epic incubator. My team is not quite at 4250 standard and the RNGods were on my side tonight. (My teams not bad but the teams above 4250 I’ve looked at all have Indoraptor and are in general just a bit better) 1 week out it’s a huge dilemma.


It’s up to you to camp here.Your team is literally on the verge of collapsing back.But i don’t know if its better to lose all the weeks incubators.If you want to stay above 4250 maybe you need more teeth ( lvls on the Dinos )

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Congrats man!! You know you can do it now, that’s a big mental hurdle to get over for some. I bet you can do it again before the tourney ends. If you start getting tilted put it down before you really slide and play again later. It was good advice for me when playing Hearthstone for a long time anyways.


Plenty of days left, there’s still plenty of time to create Indoraptor. Level-up those other Dinos you need for your battles.
Why settle for the minimum when you can go even further? Don’t hold yourself. :wink:

Do some friendly battles first to familiarize with your Team and get those nervousness out of your system. For when the real battle comes, you’re already calm and collected.:wink:


Yeah I know I’ve played really well to get here but as much as I’d like to take the credit it’s really just a lot of luck and the backslide is inevitable. I’d love more teeth but it’s mostly a matter of coins I’ve got DNA sitting there. Indoraptor is a long way off yet as night hunting isn’t really an option atm.
Thanks for the positive support guys. I’m still not sure if I will battle again this week. I may actually spend some time with my family this week! Crazy idea I know although we do have Galli this week to keep us busy (will I ever have enough Mono DNA to spend the 20k+ Galli I already have?)

Do you just have to hit 4250 during or do you need to finish above 4250 at the end? I finally broke it and think I’m done for a while. Lol

As long as you are 4250 or above

at the beginning of the game the fighting was well there it becomes a draw the game gives me more desire to fight

Finish above. Which is why I’ve stopped battling as it’s much more likely I’ll drop below 4250 if I keep going.only 5days14hours to go :confused: