Am I crazy or

So I’ve been playing the game for about 3 weeks and matched with every single currently available character, even if I was totally uninterested in them just so I could farm gems and now everyone is grey. Dahlia/Rose just greyed out after only being introduced 2 days ago…Am I crazy or out of all the currently matchable characters, (I counted 30, obviously counting each counterpart as one character) is Sam/Michael seriously the only person still available to chat with? Unless I’ve somehow missed something (and please correct me if I’m wrong), I can’t be the only person who feels like that’s completely ridiculous.

currently have had to start over day ago now due to own accidental thing but it turns out to be better,can just match with those that did not get to& get back those that still want to talk to also soon am hoping. so really was more of a good accident.

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Yes, you’re right. I’ve unmatched with two, but otherwise matched with all available characters sans Stefan/Oliver prior. The very common trend is for characters to grey out and go “away for a while” quickly with an unknown date of when they’ll come back.


@anon38499539 How have you still not matched with Stefan/Oliver? Are you giving them non-submissive vibes or have you just not been trying :laughing:?

But yes @rhysingashes that is quite normal. Many of us have been waiting weeks or even months for some of our favourites to return. Some have made brief comebacks, but only for a couple of days before heading off to South America to realign their chakras.

Yeah… I’m still wounded by Emmalyn :face_with_head_bandage:.


I’m just not interested in his storyline at all, so I always skip him. Grinding for gems got too tedious too anyway to reconsider that choice.

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That is so frustrating :upside_down_face: Like I said I’ve only been playing for a few weeks and I already miss some of my favorite matches (Liam, Charlie, and Julien), I can’t imagine how people who have been playing since the game’s launch feel but with the way things are going I might since they seem to be bringing back/releasing people no one really wants. I just don’t see how they have this many characters and can’t keep like 10 active at the very least :upside_down_face:

@anon80974864 Emmalynn just went offline yesterday for me and I’m still like…wut. I wasn’t really that into her anyway but the way she just took off was kinda cold :joy:

@anon38499539 His storyline really isn’t good in my opinion anyway; he was stolen right out of Fifty Shades without even trying to change many things up and I don’t think too many people would say Christian Grey is the epitome of good character development. Very cringe lol

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Yeah, that’s exactly why I didn’t bother with him. I have no patience for characters like that.

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For sure the whole 50 shades thing just comes off as creepy and, frankly, lazy story telling. That type of character always struck me as misogynistic and not erotic at all. I’m all for a bit a slap and tickle but he just came across as a narcissistic bully with daddy issues.

Yet, for some reason, that’s really struck a chord with a certain female audience and it’s taken on a sub-genre of its own.

I guess there’s a lot of women out there who like the idea of being treated like dirt by insecure men.

Although, Stefan showed hints of softening, I think the idea with that story is that the MC teaches him to strip away his barriers and accept love as an equal.

Check me out, getting all philosophical! I’ll be honest, if it was Emmelyn wanting to put me in leg irons and cover me in hot wax I’d be all over it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.



"Slap and tickle” :joy: lol but seriously I wouldn’t say I’m completely against stuff like that but those kinds of characters are definitely not my favorite either. I had my suspicions with the whole Silver/Black last name and I was kinda interested at first but then when they (I’m pretty sure) straight up stole a line from Fifty Shades I was like ohhh so it’s one of those stories :upside_down_face: they didn’t even try to be original lmao

Lol and I think we could all go that way for our favorites :rofl:

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feel as tho had missed out on much of the fun conversations today but am liking where this one is going​:rofl::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
altho am shore at least one or two of those that have talked to fairly often would likely have guessed as much by now,altho they likely would not know why that is exactly am shore…but would gladly go into that even some just via private message not just so everyone else could see what am talking about. a bit awkward/nsw sort of content there​:rofl::rofl:

p.s on another note…had just seen this is your first topic post…so welcome :slight_smile:

I’ve been waiting for my boy Albert for forever :weary: But some of the newest characters have been super fun… until they greyed out too…le sigh

@anon73436276 This thread definitely got crazier than I thought it would :joy: and thank you for the welcome! :slight_smile:

@ComradeV Yes! I played with Jonathan and I wasn’t really into him at first but just as soon as he started growing on me he went grey :upside_down_face: I was cool with Calum because I like artsy guys and Dahlia was probably the first girl I genuinely liked but only talking for like 2 days before they disappeared out of nowhere was just so jarring


I love Calum and Blake. They’re so much fun!

feel free to message if you like,throw some crazy this way :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: