Am I doing something wrong?

This is my team:

These are 2 of my recent opponents that beat me:

I really don’t see a big difference between the 3 of us, but they are almost 300 trophies ahead of me. I’m a super competitive person so it makes it hard to see people with similarly levelled dinos that are so much higher than me.

My IRex should be a 20 soon, but I don’t even think that’ll make a difference. I’m not a button pusher and like to think I’ve figured out a decent strategy when playing, but man the RNG is killing me.

Anyone else in this spot, and what did you do about it? Because my competitive nature is really struggling right now. And the control freak hates that I can’t do anything to change it haha.

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Looking at the other teams you show I see a couple dinos with some key ability differences than your team, as in a couple heavy counter attackers, distraction and invincibility, and DoT. They may seem like small things, but in practice the extra hits or debuff abilities can make a big difference.

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That makes sense. I have an 18 Suchotator I’m thinking about putting back in. Just don’t know what to take out for it. I’m hoping to get the legend bird if I get enough Alanq DNA from the strke towers this week.

RNG can be cruel at times…:sweat_smile:
From the combination of 4 selected for battle you know what the RNG intends the outcome to be…

At one point I had 4 nullifiers on the team. As soon as I got a deck without them I knew I would be going against everything with cloak, evasive, and invincibility haha

Get rid of indominus rex, it’s too useless, it barely ever gets a kill, usually gets killed and is countered by almost everything in everyone’s teams and if not it will probably die from being hit through cloak.

After the last couple of battles I’m seriously thinking about it. I do not like that dino. I’ll still level or for future Indo, but mine doesn’t know how to hide properly when it cloaks :joy:

Look for Balance. IRex is awesome but the RNG sword cuts both ways. If someone has figured out a way to play this game at Ruins and up without utilizing coin flip mechanics like cloak and evade, please do tell…


Right now I don’t even use cloak or evade unless I absolutely have to. I keep Monomimus and IRex for their immunity. I hate relying on RNG.

Substitute when you absolutely have to for when it most benefits your win conditions. We don’t make the rules, and As long as cloak and evade are part of the game I view them as tools to use and variables to plan against.

Yes, you might not want to rely on RNG with your set of dinos but you can’t stop your opponents from doing so, which means that RNG still plays a very big part in a battle.

Keep Indominus ditch Paramoloch level Stegodeus

Paramoloch is probably the weakest link but depends what you have on your bench.

I-Rex has its role but use its immunity and heavy hitting rather than cloak (apart from as a last resort); mine was in then out then in again for ages until I unlocked Indoraptor which took its place.

With the changes to DOT/SS I would get Suchotator in - I spent ages deciding between it and Spinotasuchus (there are threads on this) and I find it a better all rounder - it has the high distraction and a nullfying move. Also depends what DNA you have to hand.

I never got to grips with Gorgosuchus but many players swear by it so I seem to be in the minority.

And just keep levelling; you have to run to stand still …

My Gorgo had won me plenty of battles. And yesterday I got decimated by one. You just have to know how to use it
Wait until you can take out their dino with ferocious strike and then I usually one shot the next one they bring out. I’m debating on putting DNA towards mega, but not sure if it’s worth it.

It is hard for me to hunt for Kapro and I work in 4 for part of the week. So sucho DNA isn’t hard to find. I have 25000 irritator 2 from incubators so Suchotator is easier for me to level up.

I created mega for the sake of it but don’t rate it

I stuck with gorgo over mega, and as soon as the coin is there it will make it to L27. Suchotator is inching closer to L25 (about 2K to go).

I aim for balance as well. I see these teams with a L28+ stegod and a L26+ indo - but everything else is < L22.

(This pic is a bit old now, gorgo is ready to level as is ankylocodon, and sucho is much higher)

That’s what gets me. My team is all around the same level but when I go against a person with 1 over levelled dino (usually a stego :roll_eyes:) I can’t deal with it. I can’t wait for them to do an event for Sino so I can finally get utahsino. I have so much utah saved up for it and I think it will bring another fast dino to my team for some balance.

Only reason my irex is so levelled up is I’ve gotten lucky with raptor and rex DNA lately. I would love to focus on the others as well, but DNA and coins has been lacking.

Right now I’m cosidering some other oddballs to level up, actively working on spinotahraptor, and have a ton of giraffititan and nodo ingredients for nodopatotitan - but mostly hopig for some other new, fun, and useful hybrids to get made. I used all of this weeks rare event on purrusaurus hoping it might get a hybrid, since it’s an incubator only rare.

Hey Jes, Sammie here. I have seen your complete team and I think you got both Para guy and TraGod guy. I personally prefer to get only one in between them. This is only because, I can level up either one of higher easily. That being said, both are awesome with their own skill sets.

Same goes with Mono guys. I would concentrate on only one. For me, it all comes to the availability of Monolophous, which is very limited in my zone. So I have picked Monostegotops as I cannot relay on RNG all the time. My IRex is already an RNG guy. If I play with any RNGs, its like coin toss which I don’t like all the times.

You should make a very wise decision while you spending coins/DNA/grinding darts/whatever on a Dino. Because, you should see all the future possibilities/outcomes/limitations/legendaries/how-it-fits-right-in-your-deck/ and soon.

Thanks! I’m thinking about sticking with Monosteg for now. I live and work in 3 so I see Mono fairly often, but I can’t get Galli at all because I’m not in ruins yet. Unless they decide to release it in the wild.

I go between Para and Trago. Thinking Trago because of its skill set, but I know to think about future Unique and Paramoloch has one…

I think I’m going to “take a break” from trying to get any higher and just focus on collecting coins and DNA to really improve my team before going hard again.

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