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Am I good for what I have

Hey guys I just wanted to ask if for what I have, am I a good player? Asking because I’ve seen some people with like 4 uniques struggling to get where I am. Thanks

Without knowing your boost allocations, your team looks pretty solid.

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It appears so but matchmaking being as screwed up as it is, guys with three l10s sit in the top 100… But good job, you’re definitely doing really well with your team - keep it up.

Not a lie at all… from my experience he’s doing really well, just matchmaking being what it is, it’s tough to say anymore. I’m pretty sure the team levels were 23-24 when I was in that trophy level, and he isn’t gaming the system by tanking his rating with low level bleeders.

Of course he’s doing well!! I was referring to you saying multiple people in the top 100 have 3 level 10s on their team. Screenshot evidence please.

Here’s an older one but

Edit that’s the same one

I’m sure I have a few more here but you can feel free to look for yourself, though you’ll probably see more during tournaments with rewards worth it…

Okay, never mind. I always forget some people would rather believe their own “facts” than speak to reality. I wouldn’t have cared enough to say anything if you hadn’t done it to low key minimize the accomplishments of the OP.

My work here is done :eye:

Yes…yes it is done… And I in no way wanted to minimize his work…

The purpose of them putting low level bleeders on their team is so the don’t have to face idgt902 and still get a high rank. It’s gaming match making… It happens… they get to face lower level teams and get high trophy counts.

Note this only came about since matchmaking changes based on team strength instead of based on trophy count. (I actually watched these accounts for a couple weeks to make sure it wasn’t just friendly battles)

Please reword your statement, the way it’s written it can be misconstrued as 3 level 10 boost. Your statement should have read that some top 100 players are using low level dinos.

I didn’t say boosts, I see no reason to change the wording because you inferred a word that wasn’t there. But I can see how, if the word boosts was there, it would be a whole different conversation…

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I was surprised as I played my one battle for the month on my primary account that I played against a similar team whose player level was only 13. It was nice to play against some different creatures. I was use to playing against most those creatures as I play against those on my 2nd account at lower levels.

I won this month, unlike my one battle I played last month to get my trophy’s to show.


These are my Dino’s in more detail and some of the boosts I have used on them

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Solid tam, but try not to boost more than you have to on legendary dinos. Be as ready you can for the gradual shift from legendary to all unique Dinos or something close to that :+1:


For sure man

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