Am I just unlucky


I’m on holiday with no wifi and patchy mobile data coverage, so I accept this isn’t an ideal playing situation and likely a contributing factor.

That said I was just able to download the 120mb patch at over 1mb a second without issue and signal appeared stable until I started a battle.

Once I was a hit or two away from winning the game lagged, forcing my dino to use base attack and losing the battle.

This isn’t the first time the lag just happens when I’m close to winning or should even have won but then lose. Is it just bad luck or possible hack?

The screen shot is from a battle the other day where I had just landed the killing blow on the 3rd dino but lagged and then when the connection picked up I had lost - surely a dropped connection at the point the killing blow was animated shouldn’t have caused that?Uploading…

As you can see the lag also caused my opponent’s dino to become invisible.


And yet again I have issues during a fight, after an otherwise stable connection, this time just after selecting my first dino. I had to restart by which time the opponent’s rapter was just finishing off my 2nd dino.

My next 2 fight went without issue.

These buggy fights are keeping me just below 2500 - I lost the 2nd fairly but won the 3rd which has taken me back to within 1 win of being over 2500.


Just had a laggy game which I lost on a stable WiFi connection so I wonder if their servers are having issues.


Battles aren’t a big deal in this game. You don’t lose anything except rank and you can easily gain that back when you are in a better area. I’d be more mad if extracting DNA wasn’t working.


It’s not just you. My game freezes mostly in nearly every battle, occasionally when collecting DNA, every couple of minutes when I’m browsing or evolving my collection and when I’m out hunting DNA. Support gave me a link of compatible phones and my iphone6s isn’t one of them… haven’t had another response since from support regarding my phone. I’ve had to use my spare iphone5 (connected through iTunes) just to do battles at home on a stable connection just so it doesn’t freeze! I’m in the same boat. Would of won loads of battles by now if it didn’t have this bug…