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Am I lucky or just a tactics master


I’m up to 3777 tropheys and facing players level 15 with much higher dinos.

Just the fact I play monosteg or suchitator first to counter the typical indom
Always helps me get my diplo or Utah set up to clean up. Either F- strike / DSI or critical impact/Instant charge

Then trago and stego are so gd a grinding dinos down to below 1270 for me Draco gen 2.

Indo is great for the tanks if I don’t have suchitator

Am I just a boss at effeciently collecting the best Dino team for my level or is it just luck.

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Can people do any better?


People with LVL 15+ that are still in in 3700 are either unlucky or bad.

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Or nothing of both coz of farming incubator


Maybe that’s the reason of the bottleneck


So maybe im playing children :joy:


Player level only goes up with XP which is only awarded for creating, evolving, and fusing dinosaurs. How well a person battles has nothing to do with their player level.

A player focusing their resources to evolve a specific set of a few dinosaurs will have higher level dinosaurs but a lower player level. A player splitting their resources to evolve a large number of dinosaurs will have lower level dinosaurs but a higher player level.

If you want to compare how you are doing in battling you have to look at the level of the dinosaurs you and your opponents are using in battle.


It sounds like your a tactical master my friend. If thats true and you want to improve your chances even more just do away with your I-Rex and it’s RNG and you’ll probably do so much better. :wink:

Tip: Over-level tanycolagrius instead of I-Rex and it will destroy the common meta-threat of RNG-o-saurs, you’ll be jumping up trophies in no time.

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That does make sense. Could just be people being efficient rather than spreading their resources.

I think they may have bad luck though as I’m confident I could do better with their team


3500-3900 is hard battle grounds right now. I have a team that I believe should be in the 4,000-4,200 range but can’t get there. Some is RNG, some is bottlenecks, some (hopefully a very small percentage) is errors on my part. I just added Indoraptor last night, but here’s my team and current trophy count is right at 3700 :woman_facepalming:


How are they farming incubators if they still lose?


Player level is not related to arena level.
Apples to oranges comparison.


Your team looks comparable to mine (though a couple of your dino’s are a couple levels higher than mine) and I’m sitting right under 4100… Not sure if I belong there or not though… sometimes I do well, other times I go on a losing streak…

I do think that there is also some luck involved with the arena… not just RNG… but if the dinos picked for you play well together and against the other team… I had had flawless battles but lost because of a level gap leaving the opponent with less than 50 HP allowing them to come in for the finishing move…

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I guess they mean to lose so can play better the following few matchups and gain tropheys after dropping


That looks well balanced. The only difference is I have more nullifier dinos. Who do u send out for indom or Monomimus

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Tanycolagrius covers all those bases lol :wink:


Probably good luck.
I’m currently down to 3890 from 4300. Arena Is brutal right now and rng has been against me all week it feels like.
Had a Monomimus and Into doge me 6 times earlier.


If only you’d used Monolometrodon instead of Ankylocodon? You could’ve pwn’d monomimus, nullified it and killed it on a second hit. Monolometrodon is vastly superior.


Yep, and gets one-two shotted by almost everything else.


The player level is related to the time you have been playing this game and if you have player lvl 16+ and you are still at 3700, you are doing something wrong.