Am I Lucky?


Hi I just won in Arena 7, I’m 3078, but my team…
Stegausaur lvl16,
T-Rex lvl 13
Velociraptor lvl 14
Pyroraptor lvl 11
Stegoceratops lvl 12
Utaraptor lvl 13
Concavenator : lvl 11
Einasuchus : lvl 16

I thing it should be more difficult at this level (from what i read, others at arena 7 are 20). Am I lucky ?
I precise I onlty made 4 fights, (1 lost, 3 Win)…


Level up your velociraptor


I’d like to, but can’t !

As a french free player (dont know if location is important) i meet few raptors + get few dna (not vip), and gets few coins. I’m only a casual player.

I don’t complain, i’m just surprised to win with such a not so high level team.


You can manage fine with that team. You probably wont rise above 3300 after that you will face lvl 30 bot army since all skilled players are either in the top 500 or lower arenas farming


Arena 7 is the most unbalanced of them all, we probably need an arena 8 and 9 by now. You can manage to get some wins with that team and a good strategy on the lower sides of arena 7


That seems like what my team was when I entered level 7, I think you’ll be fine :slight_smile: I’m usually around 3500 now but my dinosaur levels have increased since then. That being said, once I got to level 7, I never dropped back down to 6 so I do think your dinosaurs are perfectly fine.


Location is not that important because velociraptors are a global spawn. The thing is, they mostly spawn at night (with few exception) so you have to hunt for them after the sun has gone down. That can be annoying but if you are able to walk around your own neighborhood 20 minutes each evening you will get loads and loads of raptor DNA :slight_smile:


Just wait… when u get to around 3300 it’s 90% bots and spoofers… :pensive: