Am I missing something with Erlidom?

So Erlidom puts up a cloak, and Tryko uses invincibility which immediately disappears and Erlidom hits with full force!

What have I missed?


IIT only lasts one turn. Since the turn ended immediately after IIT, the invincibility ended as well.

It didn’t even last a turn, the shield never even went up

You’re using it in the same move they’re using the cloak. You have to use it after they cloak

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it only lasts during that turn, it will disappear if not hit during that turn

Ah gotcha now … so if I use invincible the same time as they cloak that counts as my move and it does nothing. Weird but hey thanks for the explanation

Exactly. It’s been like that since version 2.1 if I remember correctly.


Since erlidom became useless I rarely see it but this just happened and I was “like what happened there?”

this may help to explain:
A turn starts with players choosing a move, and ends when all the creatures have made their move (swap, ability, or skip their chance to act because they are stunned or knocked out).
Tryko used IIT in same turn as erli went cloak. So the shield ends and erli is in cloaked mode.
Next turn, erli hits with cloaked attack.
Make sense?

Do you know the difference between this turn and 1 turn by any chance?

not sure if it helps, but this topic has a similar dicussion:

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IIT’s description says this turn only, instead of the previous version of 1 turn, since that’s what allowed the broken IIT to block 2 attacks in 2.0.

IIT’s shield will always disappear when the turn ends, regardless of move order

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Used to not work like that. That’s why I hated this change, cause how it used to work is that, if you use cloak (prio) and since erlidom is fast it goes first before tryko’s prio (invincibility) and turn ends, since tryko went last instead of first which is what the move should of done, the shield should last. But ever since that weird change they did around 2.0 which I hate very much, they changed it. and so it only counts for that turn it’s used which means you wasted a turn for doing nothing. Hope this clears it up. It’s why shields and slows were really good with each other, cause you would shield first turn then slow (short defense) and since you went last, your shield cd should be up when you already have a shield. Now short defense is trash, and should have only 1cd instead of two now.

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I believe the reason behind the change in IIT mechanic was to bring in more mind games/prediction play.
Imagine a tryko has taken damage and erli comes in as second dino.

Tryko knows it will take heavy damage or be potentially taken out with an erli rampage (bcoz of crit factor), so it needs to predict what will erli do, cloak or rampage?

If tryko takes a risk and predicts erli will cloak, it goes with attack move.
Assuming erli cloaked and dodged the attack, but next turn tryko can put up shield and force erli to waste the cloaked rampage or swap out. (and potentially turn the match around)

This move can backfire on tryko as well, if the cloaked erli predicts tryko goes IIT, it can swap out to a faster chomper and let tryko waste the shield+open up for an attack.

But if tryko predicts erli intends to swap out in cloaked mode, it can go rampage instead of IIT and potentially catch the second dino with a rampage.

Of course many scenarios can play out, but the one above is what I can think of that shows this mechanic lol.