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Am I moving to fast

I’ve been playing the game for years now but I got a new phone but in 4 months I was able to get tapejaloceplus and Gorgosuchus so should I slow down or what


The boundaries of progressing fast or slow in this game are pretty unclear. I would say, end of the day no fast progression is extremely fast, and no slow progression is extremely slow because there are several routes one could take to play JWtG. Some might go up one step at a time by rarity, some might jump to the much more powerful rarities, and many other such ways - all being perfectly fine.

What matters ultimately is if you’re having fun and not stressing about progress in game.

So I recommend go on as you are progressing as long as you enjoy your session instead of getting stressed out while playing.


Piggybacking off of @Jurassic_Fury, are you able to complete the events you want to complete? If not or only with difficulty or by buying back creatures off of cooldown, then you may want to take a closer look at your level and lineup


I’m good with the events I dont even have to use Gorgosuchus for them I just use my level 10 VIPs

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