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Am I playing bots or people?

I have a sneaking suspicion that I am playing bots not people the vast majority of the time (in pre-“wait” battles).

Despite the usual utter absurdity of battles - ridiculous character mismatches, triple misses with Naomlen triple attack etc etc etc I cannot raise responses with emoticons

And they make strange moves as the bots sometimes do

Yeah sometimes you do battle bots. They’re quite easily recognizable, often have all heroes on their team the same level and make weird moves (such as healing before damage is dealt). Rather frustrating (especially losing to them lol)

I assure you we aren’t bots. Some of us play on very unstable platforms so we don’t want to risk a game crash throwing out an emote. Others just don’t care about the emote system and have no idea what laugh > cry > grin > cry even means. As for the bizarre moves, again when the game is unstable you kind of just end up tapping anywhere hoping the game will register ANYTHING and the results can be…interesting. Either that or I just need 1-2 kills for the PvP chest and after I get that, I’m just messing around because I really don’t care about the trophies.

I am not saying you aren’t playing bots but I wouldn’t use emojis as a measure. I never use them or even pay attention to them. They all look the same to me. Even the tears one looks like the dragon is laughing until tears.

Just confirmed my suspicions - played Rocky Gatekeeper 4 with no wait

I am in Australia so playing at different times from most. Pretty sure I am getting bots most of the time

Hmm well if rockygatekeeper 4 is a bot they are trying to make him look real since he is in the leaderboard

Doh! So why does no one respond to emojis anymore - used to get a lot of people throwing out a laugh emoji when things were absurd, now I’ll go 20-30 battles with ridiculous outcomes and can’t raise a single emoji

I prefer my opponents to think that I’m a bot to lure them into making suboptimal decisions.

I’m getting players who use the crying emoji as soon as the battle starts, even though they have almost 20 levels on me. What’s up with that?

I don’t use emojis and I generally ignore them. When I first started playing I’d do one or two, but they quickly became annoying. They are limited and are way too similar to each other. Honestly to me Seeing one of those or a random LOL would mean about the same thing. Very few of my opponents ever use them either

See that’s one of my problems with the emoji’s in this game. Even the crying one looks more like they are laughing until tears come out. There is water coming from the eyes but besides that, at least to me, they look like they are laughing

Time to see an optometrist? Many health insurance providers have coverage.

I’m with MKb that’s laughing with tears

They r doing that because it’s a big mismatch in their favour

Actually I had lasik a couple of months ago so my eyesight is about perfect

I don’t know though I could be wrong but it certainly looks like laughing to me

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We need more emotes!