Am I playing the wrong game?


I’ve never played games before, this is the first time.

I love the battling, but I also like to win. That’s why I do crosswords and puzzles.

However it takes me at least one hour each day to win enough battles to keep an incubator running and to feel like I’m moving forward on the game.

One hour a day feels like a like of time, not to mention time spent darting etc.

Perhaps there are other games which are “easier” and have the fun battles but also don’t require so much time to keep moving forward in the game?



It sounds like you started the game not too long ago. If you want to be successful in JWA you need to be prepared to do a lot of legwork to win with any sort of consistency in the arena in going out and darting pretty much everything you can when you can regularly…or dropping a good bit of money on the game. One other thing to keep in mind at the moment also is, a new arena tournament just started, and a lot of people have gotten pushed further down in the arenas than they would normally be otherwise…its going to take another week or so for things to get sorted out really and the arenas move back to normal.


Thanks Cighal,

I’ve been playing for about two months and I move between 3500-3800 trophys. I don’t really care if I’m at the top of the leaderboard but I do want to feel like I’m progressing.

I’d be happy to stay at the same trophy level if I could log on every day and play for 20 mins and win some battles. Unfortunately it turns out that I log on and it takes upwards of an hour which I find frustrating. It just makes me feel like maybe there are other games better suited so what I want to do.


You could just lose some matches, let trophy level drop, then matches would be easier
If yiu aim for highest trophy count possible then you will be playing similar players and thus tough matches are to be expected.
If you want to spend less time on battles you need to lose trophies to battle against weaker players.
It’s a trade off …


Yeah this game sucks up any spare seconds you have in your day. Also if your not out there collecting DNA or spending money someone else will be. It’s never going to be easy moving up trophies


In don’t really mind about trophies… I just like battling a little bit everyday and feeling happy when I win. I’ve tried before to fall all the way down… but then I start winning and it’s fun but soon I reach the same issue again.

Are there any other games I should look at instead that are not so hard?