Am I supposed to be getting Miller Lite ads in game?

Just curious I guess, maybe this game is rated for adults only.

After a Monomi goes 6-0 it’s quite refreshing tbh

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I only ever get the star wars game ad.

Every time I watch to speed up incubator today it’s a can of Miller Lite siding past a can of Bud Light on a bar

Most ads in those games are distributed based on search history and what not. Imagine the far worse things other folks get.


Doctor’s office questionnaire:
How many alcoholic beverages would you say you drink per week?

  • none
  • 2-3
  • 5-7
  • enough to get ads for beer while playing JWA

I just can’t with you. :joy::joy: where do you come up with this stuff :joy::joy:

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If you got the time we got the beer

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No rolybert don’t go there!

Just me talking to myself warning me to not to go there!

I keep getting an ad for a special offer to upgrade my Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom cinema experience. Is Fallen Kingdom even still in the cinemas? :thinking:

@MementoMori is that proper alcoholic beverages or US “lite” drinks. Miller & bud lite would get a few descriptions in the UK, very few people would describe them as beer though

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Can’t argue that. I prefer IPAs but I can’t be talking about beer right now. I have to work in the morning so I’m trying to behave myself tonight :laughing:

they have an in-game ad that would violate the tos of their own message board.

dart that hypocrisaurus, ludia!