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Am I the only one getting this screen when trying to update the game?

PS. It doesn’t allow me to update and play the game so I have no idea what to do

What does the warning triangle say in the top of your screen? Device full or something?

Yeah I’d ensure you have enough storage available to do the install as most apps use more space during the installation.

The easiest way I’ve found to update when storage is low is to a) make sure the game is saved to google play or Facebook. B) completely uninstall the game. C) install the game again.

This saves one the hassle of having to uninstall multiple app/games.

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No that’s just an old account problem

None of them worked, and it is not a storage problem I have 16 gb free so it really shouldn’t be a problem

Finally it worked. What I did was uninstall and reinstall. Don’t know why it didn’t work earlier though.

Glad it worked out! Sometimes Android makes no sense :slight_smile: