Am I the only one who don't use DRACOCERA?

Well, the abuse of dracocera is embarassing! If you go to take a look on the Champions ranking (especially the firsts 500) you can see the 95 percent use STUPID DRACOCERA.

Really embarassing!
Using dracocera it’s not skill but just a way for people who wanna win easily and a way for not playing the opponents.

Many times I left the match, because they put dracocera, they kill your Dino, they cure dracocera, and they run away.

Embarassing and frustrating!


No. However I win more if the other side doesn’t have a rat. So thinking of leveling mine!


You are level 18 and have that team??? :thinking:


Didn’t you say Dracocera was seriously nerfed and laughed about it?
I was wondering if you were going to change your mind. LOL


No. The problem is they break just the balls because the nerf just has increased the persons who have that.
It’s just a status symbol. So boring! This Is the different!

Yes, that’s my team. Now, we are talking about dracocera. Do you use DRACOCERA?

Haha oh dear. :joy::joy:

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Yeah! That’s it.
Thanks GPx! LMAO

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Stop flaming. I can explain myself better: the thing I don’t like Is that everytime I make a battle everyone use STUPID DRACOCERA like they wouldn’t have choice, and I’m very satisfied they aren’t able about use that against to me cuz I have a good team.

So, I’m really angry everyone use the same and the same dinosaur, and use the same stupid tactic.
This game Is become boring for that.


You throw Dracocera matches because they are boring?
Why not beat them and teach them a lesson instead?
They will never know how badly it was nerfed if you let them win.
EDIT: I see you typing. No hate, just thoroughly enjoying watching you tap dance around this. LOL

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I Kill a dracocera with one hit the more of times. This Is why I’m explaining the community Is obsessed by a dinosaur that Is not strong but just an escamotage for making a kill really easily… The dracocera can die with one hit. That’s unsufferable the people use that cuz everyone have that dino.

I hope in a better future.


I don’t use it. If somebody beats me with an extremely high levelled one then fair enough. It’s not how I want to play but whatever floats your boat. I run a lot of counters to it now, so if I come across one I can generally beat it. Unless it’s got stupid health. I will say that getting angry won’t solve anything. I just choose not to let it bother me :blush:


Dracocera = DracoNOOBS :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I’d be more impressed if you didn’t run with thor, tryko, erlidom, and utarinex…

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The surprise in this topic is a level 18 with that team…


I could imagine it’s possible if you ignore absolutely everything else in the game. Would be curious to see the rest of the deck…

ps. I have a super boosted L30 DC. :crazy_face:


I don’t use DC. Well, in tournaments I do because my dino choices are limited. But there’s no room for that trash on my real team. I don’t have to rely on cheapness to win.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again -

Just because you can see it coming doesn’t make it any less of a cheap shot.


That’s exactly what I thought :joy:

Nope, this thing isn’t gonna go anywhere over 16.

It’s called dignity.