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Am I the only one who finds Majundaboa underwhelming?

I’ve used it in several strike tower battles as well as a friendly match, and I gotta say… I’m underwhelmed… It’s double impacts don’t really do it for me, even with a ferocious strike in play. The counter attack doesn’t help much against most things from what I’ve experienced, at least, not as well as I would’ve hoped. The shield is alright, I guess, but so many things have either nullifying or defense shattering. It barely took down a level 8 Purussaurus before getting taken down immediately when it was level 12. I mean, that’s only a 4 level difference with no boosts, but still. I haven’t had a chance to use it against a Procerathomimus yet, which it’s supposed to be a counter for, but even with how little I’ve used it, I get the feeling it won’t be able to do much more than that. I had high hopes for the new superhyrid Majundasuchus was finally getting, but I doubt I’ll even put it on my team.

It is pretty underwhelming. Most things can kill it pretty easily.

I like majundaboa in genera since it can counter procerath, but it’s devastating when you face up against Sarcorixis with Majundaboa, unlike purutaurus and megalogaia, you have a chance to do absolutely no damage against Sarco. I think I would like to see it get some more Damage and a slight HP Buff in the future.

I will say, though. I love the design! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I need to start thinking of a nickname for her. She’s probably gonna take the number 3 spot for my top 5 favorite creatures. At least when it comes to designs.


Sorry i cant read the nonsence of a Procerato Killer anymore.

The most players bring procerato in the game, when the other dino has 0-2000 HP.
Then they kill this dino with a normal attack and have the 2x dmg ready.
Now your Majungaboa needs 4500-5000 Hp that he dont die instantly.

And everyone has Procerato on Lvl 30, and you start with Lvl 11 with Majungaboa and need year to bring it to Lvl 30 because the snake is very difficult to hunt.

There’s a sacorixis a better counter than a majungaboa

Majundaboa is a Procerath counter IF they go in the battle at the same time. T1 you SDS T1 which should do 2000 DMG to procerath, procerath goes NS T1. MB is left with 2350 and Pro is left with 1600, Pro DR and you finish them off with either a counter and SDS or a counter and FS. The only way procerath can win against Majboa if procerath gets that delay off of DR.