Am I the only one who hates the movements of the Tarbosauro?

The until recently useless tarbosauro has become after the latest version almost an obsession for me. I need about 16,000 Tarbosauro DNA to fuse the Thorosalosauro that I believe will be an improvement of my team (I was very deluded in getting the allosinosauro but after getting it and evolving it to 20 I realized that it is not useful and I will only use it as a base creation of thoradolosauro.

Over time I have managed to improve my releases a lot. In most creatures, both common and rare and epic, I have a success rate higher than 60%. Of course there are creatures in which the percentage of success is greater (apatosauro, stegosaurio, nodosaurio, …) and others less (spinoraptor, T rex, …) … but nothing like the tarbosauro. I almost never hit the shot, sometimes not even the initial and I even have a very high percentage of deviated shots that almost never occur to me in other creatures.

I have looked to study the movement but I can not improve.

Am I the only one who has this? any advice?

Thank you


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You are certainly not the only one :slight_smile:. I too noticed his weird movements prevemting me to het the direct hits.

I hate darting him! I stink at it!
Reminds me of the Para before 1.4 update in that I just couldn’t master it.


I’m getting better at Tarb darting. I have one great round every three I find. It’s much harder than the other hard common Allo, both of which are Thor’s genome. Honestly, T-Rex Gen 2 is easier, perhaps even Gen 1!

@Tarbosaurus Someone doesn’t like your moves…et

For sure is a total fluke for me. Some times Ill do really well but most of the time I get just over 100. Never had outstanding though which is why the grind is much slower than velo

I have this issue with all Common versions of the Rex family. When they take a step, the target jolts forward and to the side, which makes me miss or hit small amounts. If I can get him to speed up, it’s easier as the steps are more fluid and don’t jerk to one side or another.

I actually do ok on Tarbo and Allo and Majunga. Proly because I dart them so much. Its the Rex itself that I cant dart worth a damn.

Why? How dare you.:t_rex:

OK seriously, yes rexy type is more difficult than most dinos for darting. In my own experience, I could get average 300~350 DNA from every Stego or Apato, but only 250~300 DNA per Tarbo.
But you just need to keep practicing. Or you can clean up your RAM before login JWA, in order to make sure your drone flight smoothly.

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Those figures are a dream for me. I have never managed to shoot more than 11 times, being a VIP, the drone and my record is 224 DNA with an apatosaurus. With a Turbosauro I have never gone over 152 and many times under 100.

Tonight I change to a new mobile. I’m very curious to know if that would positively affect my speed and accuracy.

Tarbo and now the Tric’s and Sino too have this weird gait that makes them much harder to dart than pre-1.5

I thought it was just me for awhile, I can get 350+ on velo but lucky if I get 200 on tarbo. I tell myself ignore the dino, watch the target which seems to help some.

Maybe the darts and the metal plates in tarbo are magnetic.

The change of mobile is going to be very positive! I think I have increased by approximately 15/20% the DNA I got for each creature I try to shoot. On the other hand, if after each attempt to dino or orange / green tower it took about 10 seconds to reload the screen now they are no more than four. There are still the same errors in the game but sometimes it seems to recover faster (about 20 seconds) than it did before, more than 40 or not even recover. It seems that the investment will be much more profitable than buying incubators :slight_smile: