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Am I the only one who thinks raid is even worse than pvp?

Imo raid is simply just the worst part of the game now. In pvp you might spend an hour to get an incubator you want but in raids it wastes even more time. Sometimes it feels like a chore to do raids just to make sure you don’t miss out stuff but then the whole process of looking for the boss (especially apex bosses which rarely spawns in range), finding teammates, invite them (which takes another half an hour just to manage to get them in your team because of bugs), discuss tactics and to actually win the raid without mistakes. It always takes 2~3 hours simply to achieve it and sometimes you dont even get to get it done! Pvp is annoying because the existence of nitro thors but raid is just even more time consuming


Short answer: Yes


Long answer: PvP is annoying at the best case scenario. Raids if you get the strat right and actually put in effort to communicate beforehand (Telegram/Discord) is actually quite fun.


We raid all 4 raids daily every week for at least 8 members within a little over an hour. (That’s including endless reboots to get the invitation and sometimes a walk to fetch a boss)
The rest we play to assist other members or even other alliances/players just for fun.

Key is:

  • set times to have all online or at least available
  • decent communication tool as mentioned (messenger/discord)
  • strats for all raids that all know or can be shared in advance so all know what to bring an what to do
  • good communication to establish who’s got which boss(es) and is able or willing to hand the lobby if needed.

Once all get the hang of it… it’s easy and way more fun than PvP. :wink:


even the lower tiered raids like gamma are fun even if the 4 of you don’t communicate. i just kinda winged it and had some fun doing that.


I love how you get to team up as an alliance. We have the most fun spamming the stupid emotes (pumpkin when someone’s gets stunned … who obviously spams back the crying emote) even if it gets messed up it’s still fun trying to find a way out. (Unless it’s 3rd or 4th round cause then it kinda feels like a bunch of wasted time… but still…)

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Done correctly, I am always 100% more in favour of co-op than head-to-head.

However, as said above, a lot of it depends on your group makeup. But raids gave me the option for the following scenario: my brother, who has essentially given up on PvP (and so, essentially the entire game) popped back in the game to see what raids were about at my insistence. We were able to duo a Sinoceratops raid with his biggest dinosaur - a lvl 14 Tyrannosaurus - and my Edmontodon, and it was actually a lot of fun. My only complaint is that I wish there was a function to play Raids (without the rewards, or something) using any dinosaurs we had so we could do teams of only 2 or 3 for practice/fun. I still can’t have that kind of enjoyment in PvP.

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It usually only takes me 5 minutes to find people. My alliance had a discord and I’m rarely the only one online so you might not have a lot of friends in the game or online alliance mates I it takes you half an hour. Epic raids only need 3 people too. I like doing raids.

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There are many strategies to do a raid.
You don’t even need to have the best one.
All you need is one your entire alliance uses universally.
The longer ones are printed out and kept in the car if I have to go get lobbies.

Todays Thursday.
Aight Magnus.
It’s going to be me on Gem, Bunny on Rhino.
I’m going to blind invite JCruss on Tuo, and either Madamwino or EZE on Tryo.
As soon as it pops up.
Because we do it every week.
It will take under 20 min.
It no longer requires any communication.
Then I’m going to get more Kyogres and Groudons as I work on Level 44 while waiting for Ludia to provide meaningful content.

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You aren’t the only one.
I don’t do them.
The few I did were a waste of my time.
Raids were one of the reasons I left POGO.

I’m glad everyone else immensely enjoys them.

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