Am I the only one who thinks this update sucks?

Anyone else sick of Ludia’s crap?

Darting messed with. Creatures are blah. Exclusive DNA.

As far as I’m concerned the only bright spot was getting rid of daily spawns for epics - which was dulled a bit since there are still daily only rares.

In a game where I’m supposed to go out and hunt dinos - LET ME GO OUT AND HUNT THEM! ugh… patience razor thin…


I am simple woman.

I see danger noodles, I’m happy.

Am tired of exclusives though.


I’m quite disappointed with this one as well. For the life of me i cannot get excited for the snakes and the rest is so…blah. honestly i’d be more excited if it were jsut bug fixes and re-balancing the critters. I’d be super stoked for the updated following that to introduce 25 commons, 15 rares and 10 epics straight into the wild but…probably never gonna happen.


At this point I’d be super excited to see a new dinosaur. Just, a dinosaur.


I’m just finding it meh. I do love snakes, but I’d prefer to see some dinosaurs again.

And the exclusive DNA… I’m absolutely sick of that. I’m also annoyed that Purutarus gets a cool new passive ability whilst her hybrid gets nothing. Oh, and Wuerho is still in parks only, which means that it’s significantly harder to create, but still doesn’t benefit from this update.


i was excited at first, but not a lot actually changed in the changes of spawns. The snakes , tho cool, the one i want and need is so far event exclusive. Getting sick of that. the new passive for the crocodilians is neat, but some now have a redundant move. it’s really a meh update. they didn’t really hit the nail on the head with anything.


I’m not impressed one bit with the update

They haven’t even bothered fixing the alliance chat
Or last on line feature, not even sure if they fixed any bugs.

As for the snakes Meh…
The deer hybrid… Could be alot better

New darting system? Is it what we wanted?


Would be alright if I could update it

Oddly for me alliance chat actually shows stuff in order now.



What be cool is on swap ferocity cause of its parents pura

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I wouldn’t say I HATE it, but I want real classic 1.11 darting as an option with a high contrast crosshair.

It wasn’t as much of a migration as they let on and we’ve hit the point where 4 locals can no longer handle all the creatures. I was expecting an L5 and L6.
I don’t see much motivation to hunt this update and with so many global epics? I’m not buying epic scents anymore.


Went out earlier and still saw 4 or 5 epic spino… and one rhino. oh boy.


i have noticed that there may have been an increase in epic spawns.
got two anky and an epic spino. plus 4 more varying epics from an epic scent.
thats a lot more than normal for just sitting in one place.

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Im sure they will have plenty of snakes available in an upcoming incubator sale.


I like the snakes, the new missions, and the changes to maxima and nemys.

Aside from that, I’m underwhelmed. The three creatures I need most – argent, quetz, and koola g2 – stayed in their previous locals and stayed daytime-only. I rarely get to any locals besides Local 1 in the daytime, so I’m stalled on some of the best hybrids in the game. I was hoping for a bigger shakeup than we got. I don’t understand why locals can’t just fully rotate every month or so.


That meme is amazing

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I don’t want to give things away, but i heard they will be adding cavemen into the next update. So exciting!!


Expected the new dinos to be exclusives…so not being disappointed there. BUT why change the crosshair of the darting system? That thing is practically invisible at night. Sigh. Here’s a bit of friendly advice Ludia…If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It.


I dont really like it because they made the indo gen 2 look weird