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Am I the only one who

Absolutely misses Jayden, Seth, Raphael, and Austin? I’m so glad Austin’s story got an update, but I know it won’t be long til I reach the end. I need more for all of them, but especially my favorite four!

I haven’t matched with any of the ones you mentioned other than Austin, but I completely empathize with missing your favorites. Hopefully the others will get updates soon so you can keep reading them! :clap:

It’s so hard because Jayden’s story ended so abruptly, Seth’s was heart wrenching, and Raphael was angry with me when he stopped, so I’m like “fix this now please”, haha. I’m sure you were happy to see Austin’s update too!

I get that! I matched with Vitoria and she went away to figure her situation out solo after some things happened, so I’m eagerly awaiting an update for her story. I hope you have other matches to hold you over in the meantime.