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Am I the only one with this bug?

^^^ Ludia mod lmk if I’m not allowed to post a screenshot of the bug

So I’m experiencing many bugs but this one in particular affects my gameplay the most consistently. Multiple times a battle (usually 3x/ battle) and even in between battles about 50 of these error messages spam my screen and after that it takes about a full minute of button smashing OK to get past it only for it happen again in less than a minute sometimes. Usually in one single game it happens 3 times. I’ve been experiencing this since the beginning of November and I desperately hoped the update would fix it but it didn’t. What’s more Is i don’t know anyone else that experiences this.

I’ve tried everything support asked me to do except try it on another device. I’ll do that but its hard to find another device to borrow to do it. Support says if that doesn’t work then they can’t help me. I spend more time stuck on this bug screen than actually playing.

Is it true i am the only one and nothing can be done?


No, you’re not. I have the same issue as you. But in my case, it’s the message box about validation. It happened when I was battling in the Arena, and it kept popping up like, I don’t know, probably 20 or 30 times. And because of that, it hurt my eyes, I had to flee from that battle and I lost my energy…:sob::sob::sob:.


@Tr_n_H_ng_H_nh yeah I actually got a physical migraine from it flashing at me so much as I’m trying to play. I can imagine if u had issues with epilepsy it would actually be a huge medical problem.


Yeah, just a little annoying headache, now I’m alright. Thank you. :blush:


Update I was able to try on a new device and errors still occur.

So what now?


A bit back I had something similar, though it was usually triggered by a different bug in arena where the game would hang up looking for an opponent (which used to happen a lot). So then I’d have to x out of arena and do something else in game. Whenever I did that, during that next game I played I’d get non-stop pop ups (usually saying “an opponent is already loaded” though sometimes it’d mix it up and throw other errors at me). I’d have to tap “ok” about 20-30 times (I did count it, not exaggerating) to clear the errors. And then after a little bit I’d get the pop-up error spam again…rinse and repeat until that game was done. Eventually I discovered that if I closed down the game instead of trying to do something else when that arena bug happened, it’d not do crazy error spam (usually). I haven’t had that arena issue in a while, though occasionally I still get endless error pop-ups during my fights (just randomly). I think closing down the game usually fixes it, but still it’s rather annoying to deal with while I’m trying to finish the fight.


Exactly what’s happening to me @CrystallynRose except I have tried closing the game down afterwards and no improvement. I actually have to restart the game inbetween every single match I have. Theres more time spent on this spammed bug than actual play time


@CrystallynRose I just counted how many times I have to click ok to move on from the error screen and it was over 60 times :crazy_face: and this happens every couple of minutes.

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Lol and the last one 115x … brother this is so awful with it happening so often - most of the time not a full minute passes before the bug happens again. Ludia are you going to acknowledge this or try to figure out what’s wrong with this bug? Exactly how am I supposed to lead 6 clans of top players if I cant get off error screens ? I was always an agent to calm people down and have patience through bugs but now I can’t do that with the game being so unplayable for myself. I’ve done everything support has asked me to do. @Ned


I had an thawfest error occurring to me when I was fighting the Alpha earlier today … the bugs in this game are insane and just suck the life right of you🙈
It must be horror to click 60 times a min I can only image :sob:

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Fortunately for me I came across only one bug and that beeing the “Discrepency error” during Arena battle. Happens only sometimes but when it does have to click this reload button or it is after every move. But next fights are good.

Now I’m getting errors popping up (again). I also had a whole arena fight with repeated “discrepency errors”. Not to the extent that shorty has gotten them, but it doesn’t bode well that after not having these pop up errors for a while that they’re starting to occur again.

I only get the discrepancy error from time to time, but there was a time when there were constand disconnectons popping up, worst and most tiring pop-up bein error 82. So I understand.

I’m sorry to hear that this issue is happening, shortySTK. If you are already in contact with our support team, could you please continue your messages with them so they can try and help you?

@Ned Perhaps you aren’t aware. ShortySTK was unfairly banned because she desperately needed help and submitted too many help desk requests. Please send me a DM if you want me to contact her.

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Anyone hear from any of the programmers on when/if they are going to fix the arena? Tired of trying to battle only to receive the discrepancy error, have to restart the game, and lose the battle and take the hit to my trophies and ranking. Appreciate any update you can provide as I’m going to refuse to waste my time and frustration on that part of the game. Especially when I was doing pretty good before the release and then tanked afterwards…

Hey TalynTU, I’m sorry to hear that this issue is still happening after the update. Could I ask you to contact our support team here at with your support key so our team can grab your information for their investigation?


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You guys should explain it out loud. You know what? This game doesn’t have any content, so whenever there’s a Arena bug, we close the game twice as many users.Of course, there are a lot of users who have quit the game because it is not fun already.
But take good care of this game.

Hey Byongchang_Lee, I can definitely understand that some of the issues in the Arena is causing a lot of frustration. Please rest assured that our team is still actively working on addressing them.

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This is frustrating. In the middle of play I’m winning and all of a sudden there is a discrepancy. I finish the game and it sort of freezes. I restart and I lose. I was trying to get the duties finished for getting my chest. It’s almost impossible. For the past 3-4 days I wasted so much energy and lost out on completing duties.

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