Am I the only one

…who thought that this blue point at Gryposuchus‘ neck were the eye?
On the picture of that crocosaur it looked like a blue eye to me. Made this thing look kinda creepy to me. :slight_smile:
Just threw another look on her and realized that her eyes are those tiny yellow spots and what I thought would be a blue eye was only a point on her neck.


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Oh crap you’re right, I thought that was the eye!

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I did too until I unlocked it

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I think with those tiny yellow eyes she‘s looking less awesome.
A prehistoric crocodile with creepy ice-blue eyes?

Holy, I wouldn‘t climb into the cage with one of these. :eyes:

The color of that spot just looks so much better with how it was designed.

I‘m not sure whether that blue spot on her neck has a deeper meaning or not…nevertheless, I would‘ve loved her with blue eyes!

…giant silver crocodile with blue eyes. :grin:

LOL yeah I always thought it was the eye also :joy:

I can’t imagine having eyes on each side of my head lol. I’m picturing this gator trying to get through thick trees and getting mad because its snout keeps hitting stuff as it tries to watch for predators. Too funny!

I‘m ded now…:joy::joy::joy:

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I definitely thought the same thing.

I also thought gorgosuchus has a tiny little mouth before unlocking it. I didn’t realize it’s smile went all the back behind it’s eye.

Yeah you‘re right! Didn‘t pay that much attention but now that you‘ve mentioned it… :smiley: