Am I with my Majunda, just a joke for you?

……I am so much disappointed and irritated now.
Here’s Majundasuchus lv30 stats after ver.1.6

It’s Chinese UI. So you can make sure I take this screenshot after the latest update.

Excuse me? Still not fixed?:rage::rage::rage:
I’ve sent report to your customer service 3 months ago, also mentioned this no less than 5 times on this forum.

You promised Majunda will be 880 atk on lv26 in ver.1.5 update. That means my lv30 must be atk 1071.

Is that because my English expression too poor, so you can’t understand what I am talking about for all these time?
Or change a single stats to the correct amount it must been is very difficult?
Otherwise this is just a rare creature, so you don’t care despite someone evolved it to the max level?

New update should be great, but I can’t enjoy that because of this…
@Ned why? Did you cheated on me?:cry::cry::cry:


Great update drops
Gets angry about useless dinosaur

I love this kid, and they really owe it a buff they promised 3 months ago.

Not an awesome creature, and I have sooo many better ones in my deck.
But that still doesn’t matter with this fact.

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Ned didn’t pormise anything.

He said they’d look into it after the update.

The update is out so the team will start looking into it but it’s not up to me or Ned if they make changes. We can only ask the team to look at issues.

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This is taken from ver.1.5 patch note.

You can see the point I said here.
And 3 months left, new update released.
Still nothing changed only on Majunda.

Interesting, your patch note also can’t promise for anything?:rage:


Also this is taken from Nov 18, 2018 reply

So I must know such like this couldn’t promise for anything. Thanks a lot then?

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And he does bring all these things to the team. Once it gets there Ned and I have no say, neither do the other forum mods or Community Managers.

Then how could this bug been fixed (Or even noticed by your engineer staff?)

Sent a customer service mail, also got positive reply.
Not working.

Revealed on official forum several times.
Also tagged several official support members.
Still not working.

Make screenshots and tables to describe the detail problem.
Ain’t working at all.

Don’t know how can I do next.:cry::cry::cry:

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@J.C why wouldn’t you, the rest of the mods and community managers have a say? You guys see from the forum what players want. Does the rest “of the team” read this forum and know what their users / players want from the game? I would think you guys should have as much say as the devs or any other member of “the team”.


All we can do is give them a summary of your concerns and ideas, the rest is up to the developers.

Don’t want to be rude.
But… you can see the attached screenshot.
Your customer service told me this bug was " awared".
Every reply from your members more than 2 months ago let me feel like “well hopefully they’ll fix this soon”.

But after all these waiting, nothing happened.
Then now you tell me you can’t promise for anything.
Really? Not even able to promise your developers could take care and fix this?

Why……just why?
I am not unreasonablly arguing.
Some dinos also changed their stats in ver.1.6, but a creature must had buffed in ver.1.5 still left there?
Is this really sooo hard to fix?

I’ve done anything I can do to tell you please fix this bug.
Now I feel so much helpless and disappointed here.
Maybe I’ll also done on this game.

As an active legit player, leave this game for one weak dino seems pointless.
But this is the problem of attitude.
That’s all.
[Screenshot removed - moderated content]


I support Tarbo… Please as y’all can set majungasucus where he should be


I do empathize, truely. I can not, however, make promises I can’t keep.

We have brought this backup and that’s as much as we can do.

Then please tell me what can I do to let this issue really solved.
I am overseas player, I think there might be not many ways I can choose.

Or there’s nothing more to do, so I’ve got no other choice but give up?

You’ve done what you can, we’ve done what we can. It’s up to the developers now.


I don’t know what I’ve done wrong.
Loving any dino I have, even though it’s not powerful in battle. Is this fault?
Be patience and try really hard to tell official members to deal with the bug. Is this also fault?

Today might be happened on Majunda, which is a hybrid only useful for beginners.
How about if you’ve missed announced changes on legendary or unique creatures some other day?


That moment when rexy has better damage at level 15


Majungas are beautiful and fun to play with. Support the majungas!


I want to love my Junky Suitcase. If they fixed her attack, and her speed, so she really was “…one of the fastest and most flexible attackers in the theropod bloodline…” she’d be my pal for sure. I support you, Tarbosaurus!


Uh so Majundasuchus level 26 damage is 750, not 880. This is according to many reliable sources such as the field guide app, metahub, and even the dinosaur of the day #71 stated that majundasuchus damage was 750. Perhaps it was changed in 1.6 and just not mentioned in the release notes?