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Am I worthy?


Opinions on my team, do you think it’s worthy of 3.5k+?? Closest I’ve ever been was 3499 :joy::joy::pensive:


The main problem i see is you have 4 tank killers but no speed beaters. You dont have a good answer against an indominous. I would recommend putting a raptor(utasino or pyrritor maybe) in place of 1 tank killer (possimetrodon imo) and also paramoloch is bad. Do not run it


You need nullify to deal with all the dodgers buffers and shielders that you will likely encounter. The epic frog beast koolasuchus and monolophosaurus are prob the best ones until you can make a legendary nullifier. Though one of Owens packs has nullify I think and may be more accessible depending on your biome. I agree para is a bit lacklustre for higher arena having to use minimal stun on first turn on bad low attack is brutal handicap. Rex could crit and one shot it before it’s good moves come online and stunners kinda meant to wreck Rex.


I did have velociraptor in but since superiority has been a thing it’s pretty useless, mines only level 15 I haven’t over powered it plus it took me so long to get indominus… Also I’m loving paramoloch when it stuns constantly I got 5 in a row the other day and used rampage and run to finish their Dino off, although it is just chance


Here is the epic koola… Still in the shop
:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: I have the rare one level 14 I could pop in or mono who’s level 15


The rare one has higher attack yeah?! If I remember correctly. I’d lean towards the frogs thinking of indominus specifically he is immune so the debuffs won’t work so need higher attack hits. Nullify any time the indom cloaks, stegodeus shields,trago invulns, gorgo boosts attack etc you will get the timing down so none of those abilities will be able to wreck your whole team with a bit of practise!