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Am sincerely appreciated for the good job done by Ludia


Anyone saw a survey sent from Ludia to your mailbox? Found it surprisingly and it feels like I couldn’t have done more attentively in filling that.
Just wanted to take this chance to thank Ludia for listening to our voice. We have experienced number of games where critical hit played a determined roll in a battle. This is particularly typical in top arena’s fight, whereof their dinos are able to deal high damage already, let alone with combination of attack multiplier effect. And when that situation goes further with critical hit, barely any dino you can find whose health pool is able to take that punch. With tank busters, the higher level they are, the more damage it deals outgrows it’s health. With that said, critical hit will have much more dominant effect on a battle in more advanced arenas than the previous ones. Quite common that will lead to a kill, which is a huge advantage when you only need to make 2 more to win the game. I believe that’s what made RNG looks way more awful than how it’s supposed to be in the beginning.
Glad to see it’s starting to be taken in consideration. Thank you guys again here for letting us take parts. I just can’t think of any other gratitude than this.


I say we should give them a shoutout this time :smile: