Amargasaurus and Allonogmius lighting glitch

The brightness of the texture of level 40 Amargasaurus is way too high, to the point where you can see it clearly through the darkened preview. I’ve also noticed this with Allonogmius, but not when it is the first creature on the opponent’s team. When it swaps in later, it’s brightness is messed up like Amargasaurus. Why hasn’t this ever been fixed?


Hey elliana, would you be able to provide a screenshot of this?


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I have noticed this brightness problem with Amargasaurus too . It has more bright colour and that is making it seem more unnatural.

@Ned Here you go.


I’ll add in-battle pictures once I find one again.


Reminder that Allonogmius still needs a buff


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Maybe this can also help

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Preach :raised_hands:

While I was watching a video about Allonogmius I noticed this change at the brightness of this creature , even at the same battle .

I hope that the first appearance, which is more nutaral, will soon be the only one . The second is just ridiculous.

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I believe they have fixed this issue, at least for the Amargosaurus. She lacks the glow she used to have during the battles. Not sure about Allonogmius.

While I’m grateful for any fix (e.g., it’d be nice if the victory screen after a battle didn’t cut off early), there are other issues I’d sooner see them fix (like the three-trades-a-day fix for VIPs).

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I would like to see the complete victory dance after a battle too.

In return they should

  • get rid of the fake ‘wheel of fortune’. Just tell me what I’ve won.
  • reduce the fake long meditation of opponents during a fight. If this is no fake they definitely need faster servers.

True that, @Tommi. Unfortunately, the victory wheel will probably not go away because they want us to see what we could have won so that we keep playing.

And the waiting for opponents to make their move until there’s 5 seconds left is banal. Faster opponents would be welcome. Faster matches means more matches, which means more money (spent on cooldowns or viewing ads) for Ludia. Think about it, Ludia…


The game would be faster if the game had a brachiosaurus xD

(joke haha)

(actually it is serious xD)

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Can anybody confirm whether this has been fixed? As far as I can tell it hasn’t.