Amargasaurus are everywhere!


Got over 7,000 DNA in just 2 hours. Does everyone get this or is this temporary and I better grab DNA while I can?


I’ve never see Amarga since ver.1.3 update.
Maybe you must get all of them, cuz Amarga is an important ingredient.


I’ve only seen a few. Not enough to level up much. :frowning:


Thanks. I can’t use them anymore since I am out of Nodosaurus DNA but I’ll stock up to save.


Don’t mind me, just meming like it is 2012…

I don’t get a lot of Amargas in my area. Just Gen 2 Trikes :disappointed_relieved:


Amargocephalus then tragodistis?


I’m loving the amargasaurus spawns not everywhere but enough to make progress every day Im a few fuses off the gigaspikasaur txs to this update. Spawns in general have gotten much better best part of the new update!


They are all over my town alongside Apartosaurus. Makes a nice change as before the update I hardly ever saw them.


Send some my way please :ok_hand:t3: I need and hardly see any, a few K will do nicely TIA :pray:t3: