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Amargasaurus Bracketed Tournament - 5/29 - 6/1

The Amargasaurus Bracketed Tournament is active. The Middleweight Division is competing for Shunosaurus, while the Lightweight Division is after Supersaurus. This is a three-day tournament, so be mindful of that is you are trying to sneak up a League. For those who are unfamiliar with bracketed tournaments, in the heavyweight division at least, the opponents start out fairly difficult. Here’s my opening battle.

Early battles typically do not give many trophies, but eventually the tournament gives 40 trophies for most matchups.

Bracketed tournaments typically require approximately the same amount of trophies as a regular tournament.

This exact tournament ran the week of 3/4/19 and required 1181 trophies for the three-day tournament


Since I’m also playing a beginner game as well, I have some information on the lightweight division. I’m not sure how much effort I will devote to this one, but I’ll post what I have.

Opening battle (received 30 trophies) and the rewards for different level finshes.


Heavyweight Division here, I’m at 440 Trophies:

I lost my first match, went in with level 20 Legendaries (approx. 1600 Ferocity and

I then used Lv40 Common Hybrids up until Predator League (About 2,000 Ferocity). I received 20
points for my first 2 wins and then 40 points each win all the way to Dominator.

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Here is my first round in heavyweight division. I lost a couple of fights in the lower leagues before I adjusted to the requirements of a bracketed tournament. But since I am dominator it is business as usual again.


Did a Lightweight Division run.

Here’s my sole Dominator battle.
Screenshot_20200529-141143_Jurassic World


Currently sitting in 80th place for dominator for the giant, spiked long neck dinosaur.

Best part is that i made close to 300 bucks so far as match rewards🤗


Did a couple more Lightweight Division battles


can you enlighten me whats the lvl range of lightweight division, middle, heavyweights?

tnx mate :slight_smile:

It can change from tournament to tournament. But, for this Bracketed Tourney; Light is Level 12-39, Medium is Level 40-59 and Heavy is 60+


This tornament is so weird, why are my opponents so easy. none of the opponents I’ve matched up with has a dino that’s higher than lv 40 legendary stats in dominators league.

I claimed top spot in dominators wayyy to easily, whats going on?

btw guys I’m heavy weight division

Not sure, I know I was facing level 30 VIP creatures in Dominator league along with legendary/tournament hybrids.


Continuing to monitor the Lightweight Division

Okay,so you have got the lightweight division,I have the middleweight and you and many others are in heavyweight. Currently i am #1 in middleweight dominator,this will be my first dominator finish.


Some Heavyweight data


Latest run. So far, loads of Mistery Packs


I’m in both middle and heavy weight. I noticed this happened to my son in the previous bracketed tournament so I’m surprised nobody has brought it up at all that you can be in both brackets if you level up to the next bracket after starting the tournament.

I was aiming to get dominator in the middleweight and predator in the heavy, but the matches in heavy have been surprisingly easy and I’m now in rank 80 in dominator. Is it normal for the bottom rank to have below lvl 10 vip ferocity on average?


Currently top of middleweight dominator is 905 for me.

im lvl 41 btw :sweat_smile: