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Amassing Carnivores and Amphibians for tournaments

There 60% of the jurassic dinos are Herbivores and Carnivores, with only 30% being Amphibians and Pteros. This ratio seems to be reflected in the types of dinos you face in tournament battles (haven’t done a proper data based analysis but just based on what I’m seeing this seems to be true). Given this, I’ve decided that its better to have Carnivores and Amphibians so I’ve been focusing DNA and VIP trades on getting more of those.

I also noticed that a common strategy that seems to work well is to start your line up with a dino that has lots of health and follow up with a dino that defeats the opposite of that dino, then follow that up with a strong glass cannon for the finish. That way, you can charge up points and use them effectively once your first dino is defeated with the second and third.

This would mean that the most effective layouts would be

Carnivore with high health, ptero, amphibian with high attack,
Amphibian with high health, herbivore, carnivore with high attack.

Would it be a fair assumption to suggest that an effective use of DNA is to stock up on Carnivores and amphibians at at 2:1 ratio of pteros and herbivores and to try to get half of those carnivores and amphibians with outstanding high health like Tanycolagreus and Cretasaurus or Nundagosaurus and Mastodonsaurus and the other half with highish attack like Prestosuchus and Concavenator or Acanthostega and Lythronax?

I prefer Herb-Amphibian-Carno as my meaty dinos are Herb.

That being said, I picked this pattern due to having unlocks that allowed me to build effective teams quickly with the DNA/DB/Hatch time I had available.

The “stress” to build out dinos and singularly effective teams fades quickly once you establish team depth. Than you just use the ones you like.

I don’t use half of my VIPs for tournaments anymore. (Aka, non of the Birds, most of the Herbs and all of the balanced Carnos. With my growing number of Gorgosuchus, even the Amphibians are starting to not be used. All due to a lack of big meat shields. Those all get used.)

If you level up dinos too fast, it hits you twice. Once on depth (you have half the dinos) and again on cool down (you get to use that 1/2 of dinos 2/3 as often as the weaker ones you had twice as many as). This is a total of 1/3 the use.

While your analysis for the most effect team is interesting, it will vary for everyone depending on their personal unlocks and VIPs that are mostly random selected for them.

I would suggest you focus on dinos that you have unlocked that are the best bang for the DNA and DB it takes to get them.

Once you have the depth, you use the dinos you want to use.

Than I suggest you focus spending DNA only on dinos the game won’t give you (mostly unlocking other hybrids and tournament hybrids or legendary hybrids.)

DNA spent on Gorgosuchus will be useful for the rest of my game. DNA spent on Acanthostega will be short lived and than wasted. Especially if I make more than 1 L40 and no hybrid appears for it.


I agree most of the points you guys mentioned but I prefer Herb-Carno-Amphibian.

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I don’t think this game having a lot of carnivores means a higher % of carnivores in tournaments. It just means there’s a higher diversity rate to choose from. The matchmaker will always base enemy types off what dinos you selected, and your win chance. Of course Ludia has a more complicated algorithm than that, but that’s the jist.

I just always pair 2 dinos with opposite classes with a random 3rd, and it works. It could even be a Ptero with a Carn.

I don’t use the tank dinos like Apatos until I get to Dom. But then again I have almost every dino in the game so I always have spare dinos despite getting to DOM league in tournaments.

I prefer Herb, Amphib, Carno, with the meat shield, sacrifice 1st dino build reserve strategy

1st, there are a lot of meat shield herbs
2nd, most of the amphibs have good attack
3rd, there are just a lot of carno’s.

It works really well most of the time. If the other team has a carno that isn’t already in the 1st position they will swap the vast majority of the time which is a win, win. They waste an action point and set up their carno to get destroyed by your amphib.

Play from there how ever, clean up with the carno if need b.

I have also on occasion been using Carno, Ptero, amphib or Carno in the 3rd.

I have a few really good carno meat shields and enough Ptero’s that it just makes sense to make a few teams like this. Same idea as above. They will swap an amphib to the 1st position setting up for an easy take out with your ptero.


true I usually use a tank, a reasonable creature and a glass cannon with advantage to take down the last opponents :+1:or i use indoraptor :joy:

Like this :grinning:

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Hmm… I guess I’m among the few that prefer the glass cannon in the middle. I usually take out the first guy and sacrifice the glass cannon since his life is so low and can usually be taken out in one or two hits. My last guy I like balanced so I can survive a hit or two if need be to then take out the final guy.

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The problem I’ve run into is when the glass cannon in the middle and can get taken out in one hit, the AI will only attack for 3 instead of 4 (When in doubt, it assumes you block for 2).

True, but usually my glass cannon can take the first guy out and then I just reserve 3 and the AI will use all 4 for the guarantee KO. Sometimes I even use an extra attack to make sure I only have 3 reserves. If you reserve 4, then yes, the AI will assume 2 blocks and only use 3.

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I am the ridiculous one who runs 1 meat shield and 2 glass cannons.

I like to have multiple glass cannons

Not uncommon. Works fine.

If your glass cannon dies in 1 hit, I would go for 3 blocks (hopefully not those rare cases where the opponent goes all out 4) then kill the dinosaur and factor in 1 extra block. True, you will have less reserves for your last dino, but the opponent’s last creature will have to go for 2 or 3 to kill you while you have 5 or 6, 4 hits from a glass cannon should kill the opponent’s last guy.

I increased my ferocity very slightly i.e made level 18 VIPs to level 20, and Prestosuchus isn’t in the top 3 anymore. However Presto and Metopo are excellent in tournaments. I have two level 10 Mastodonsauruses, I shall probably make that to level 20 since my goal is top-mid Dominator and not Bottom.

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Almost 30% of my Dominator victories happen due to AI Stupidity. When my last creature is weak against the opponents’ and can be K.O-ed in one hit, then I almost always go for three or four blocks. The opponent retaliates with 4 attacks, and that enables my final creature to win the battle. Let’s first have a moment and be thankful that we’re always player 1 in Tournaments.

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Which is why I don’t complain about PvP being PvE.

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All VIPs have similar ferocity. Maybe a 1 or 2 difference, Prestosuchus is still as good as any of the other ones even if it’s not in the top 3.


Do you think I should go for a level 20 Mastodonsaurus? Within the next Tournament I’ll probably be having two more level 10 VIPs albeit not amphibians along with the level 40 Ichthyostega.

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You can go for the lvl 20, but personally I would first get another Mastodonsaurus so I can make a lvl 20 and keep a lvl 10.