Amazing job ludia

in all honesty i have to say since 2.7 the only update thats been good has been 2.11 because

  1. giving hybrids to creatures desperatly needing them
  2. finally making a non op flock hybrid
  3. giving us a group attacker with full distract immunity(lopher)
    4.fixing droppers and fixing the balance of apex raids(i know there are some bad implications but the implications are mostly positive)
  4. giving us daily gists something so many players requested (although youre one is a little different then the ones requested)
    6.adding a hybrid teased since 2.8(parasauthops)
  5. giving us another great legendary raider and group attacker(pork chops) us balanced creatures unlike 2.10(argenteryx plz nerf it slightly)
    9.actually trying to fix bugs for once(talking about the chase redo)
    okay thats about all of the positive stuff heres the negative stuff
  6. no boost reset(tbh now that im leveling up faster and have legendaries now i have to say we desperatly need a boost reset now)
  7. not nerfing testa it needs a slight nerf just do that and give us a boost reset and we will be satisfied
  8. not fixing sume bugs(other people face)tbh i rarely ever face bugs and thats something im happy about
    @moderaters this was feed back please fix the above stuff thank you very much

I wish I could say the same, but sadly I cannot. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE THIS GAME AND AM GRATEFUL FOR EVERYONE WHO IS A PART OF THE JWA GAME DEVELOPMENT TEAM, but I would be lying to myself if I said this update was better. Mortem is an absolute mess - a terrible mess, and almost impossible to raid with anymore, especially with gorgo raids (I am in a top alliance and everyone there agrees). Many creatures are still op like testa, skoona (it’s just back to the way it was before the whole RS change - it’s not terribly op but I think the changes were just a back and forth thing), parathops, and argenteryx. Raids are glitchier than ever before, the game constantly needs restarting or it crashes, the friends list is just awful in every way, I can barely navigate from lab to map to achievements, to sancs without the game crashing or lagging and needing a restart, I have to restart almost every ten to 30 minutes otherwise the game WILL crash mid raid or mid PVP. The game randomly crashes anyways for no rhyme or reason. Many creatures have animations that do not work (indot’s cloak is non-existent), or animations that are matched with the wrong moves (mortem’s roar and rampage, Dilo’s heals), the sancs only have one sound effect for ALL the creatures - it’s the compys killing the goat - for ALL creatures. Some people still do not get their full daily rewards (level 20 players) ever since the 2.10 issue, and as far as I know the issue was not resolved with 2.11. IOS users like me have a hard time joining raid - often I have to restart before a rid to get the invite or to prevent the game from crashing during the raid. If I were to include all the bugs related to raids, I would have to go on and on, but I will not. I am happy we have a flock that isn’t op - but that said, the others still are and so it will be yet another new dino that no one will use, in addition to the fact there aren’t really any good flock counters to begin with. Like I said, I am incredibly grateful for this game, and I am glad your experience with the new update has been mostly bug free, but for the rest of us out there, this has been a tough road for sure. However, despite all the issues with the game, and despite the fact I nearly gave up this morning on getting a hadros raid done due to all the glitches and issues we were having, I still love this game, which says a lot about how amazing it is. To stick with a game that has so many problems you have to slog through says a lot about how incredible it is. :slight_smile:


The lack of group attack legendary dinos could easily be fixed - I have a great solution - Just give Alsino a group move for strike. That paired with a tryo or an irri could really do some good damage in a raid.

You and everyone else. We got a “We’re aware that everyone wants this because they feel ripped off but we have no intention of giving you an a actual answer right now” response… Which is better than nothing but still frustratingly non-committal.

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I’m glad it’s not just me… I can’t tell you how many times I’ve clicked on a raid invite only to see nothing. and yeah… The Friends list is awful. There’s no way to organize it. I’m a level 20 with mostly mid-level Uniques and a few High Legendaries but some of the folks on my friends list simply aren’t there yet… I can’t invite them to a harder raid (or even one appropriate for my level) because they simply don’t have the dinos yet.

it’s bad - I lose invites all the time, and since the update, I actually need to restart before almost every raid because otherwise the game will lag and crash. The IOS invite issue with the banner has been a problem from the beginning, but for a while I wasn’t losing invites as easily as I am now. I’m back to where the game was about 8-9 mo ago when I almost could never get an invite from anyone without restarting. I got so used to it though that I now consider restarting the game just a part of gameplay xD


If I were to screenshot one days-worth of discussions on discord during raid co-ordinations. you would see too many “restarting”, “game crashed”, “lagging”, “cannot join lobby”, “spam invites”, “I sent 20 invites”, “invites never came”, “restarting again”, “now my game crashed”, “I cannot pick a move”, etc etc etc, it would fill up an entire message board :rofl:

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE this game to pieces, but this is why I am willing to speak up when things are not working - for the betterment of the game in the longrun.

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And for those of you who the game is running well for, I am very, VERY happy for you. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to not have to constantly restart JWA on a regular basis. You guys are really fortunate :slight_smile:

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I wouldn’t say the update was bad but it wasn’t that good either
Its like a 5.5/10 tbh

I’m not sure about this one. There’s still a LOT of bugs that were introduced this update alone that STILL haven’t been fixed (Roar only boosts damage one turn, Group cunning Impact doesn’t have a cooldown, lots of moves with swapped animations, buggy animations, inconsistent move descriptions, etc.) Other than that though, I agree with most of the rest; there isn’t a lot that’s deliberately bad in this update.

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Yep, they just phoned this one in - using two tin cans and a string.

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