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Amazing level 40 design

Maybe not the best subject in the world to dedicate a new topic to, but i just maxed up fangy boi, and i wanted to praise the design team on this. Big cats are by far my favorite animals alive today, so i’ve always loved Smilodon and found the idea of a prehistoric big cat with long teeth to be one of the definitions of cool. And this max level design is so incredibly prefect imo, that it’s one of my favorite things in the game. I just wish it was Legendary and not Super Rare. Now onto making a second one to fuse the hybrid…


My daughter and I, we both preferred the level-30 look to the 40 (too hairy, perhaps). Ditto for the thylocosmilus. Same for dogs too, like hyaenadon and andrewsarchus.


The models are cool. I like the cats at 20 for color and appearance.


Smilodon has the best Lvl.40 design of all Cenos!


Better than Woolly? :eyes:

I like both snakes.


Cooler than Woolly. Though maybe that’s just my love for cats in general

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That should be the next hybrid…Smoollydonoth… :laughing:

It’s fangs can be the size of the Woolly’s tusks!

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Smithetoceras achiven. My first non-Jurassic hybrid. Mythological boi

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Congrats! I created it some weeks ago and I love it’s design!

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Max level fluff boi achiven. Again, i love this look and think they’ve done a great job with it. It’s not over the top spiky and full of bits and crests or weird horns (Dimetrodon, why?!), just fluffier and cooler. If not for the hand posture, it would be a pretty accurate representation of my favorite dinosaur (alongside the Rex)

Also the fluff boi was the first tournament creature for me to complete it’s final evolution instantly, in one go.