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Amazing Lottery Win!

I’d been getting frustrated at how long it had been since I had won even the 5% chance prize in the lottery (VIP one) when this happened last week. When I saw the 5% prize with another one peeking out behind it, I knew what had happened, and couldn’t believe my luck! I’ve won the pack prize a couple times but NEVER both of these at the same time. I’ll probably have to play for a couple years before this happens again!


Congratulations, @Mary_Jo!


Nice! Twice!

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Had a good result this week too, winning a Wooly Mammoth. Particularly nice as that’s the first one I’ve been able to acquire.

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LOL I also won the Wooly Mammoth which was a big surprise as I also was on a long streak of blanks.

The odds are totally fishy.



Usually I’ve no expectations, but I really hoped for this one as Henodus never drops in the 10k pack.


Also got lucky this morning:


I got you both beat. Check out my winnings:

And that’s on top of winning an Ocean Fountain AND whatever the 5% dino was (I zipped right past it when I saw there was a 1% prize at the end!)

But it gets even better!! Last night I hit the 50 point sarco s-DNA on the mod PvP prize wheel. After missing out on a 10 point Code 19 (still not very consistent at winning these) I was just 8 points short of the 660 needed. Played a couple more mod PvPs not expecting much and lost the first frustratingly …and then after winning the next landed on the 50 sarco prize again! So hatching out my new Diplo right now!

And to think, I had been talking about taking a break from the lottery…


I am so jealous.

I didn’t win today because I didn’t play. I’m currently stockpiling my VIP Points… And I’m quite comfortable with my current Henodus inventory

Side bar: Has anybody else noticed that the output of the custom trades has been reduced this week? Not only have they gone from 3 to 2 per day, but there are fewer resources coming out of those 2 remaining custom trades now…

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I haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary on the custom trades. Other than the reduction from 3 to 2.

Forgot to mention as well that after this amazing duel win. I also won Archelon on the gold prize wheel. And that’s on top of the Trade Harbor which has offered me Henodus FOUR times in the last several days at least. I have to think that Ludia has tweaked the chances for these to show up as it just seems rather coincidental for all these reefs to suddenly come our way, given the up coming boss event.

@DantheMan - I haven’t noticed any reduction in the trades offered.

I always trade the Apatosaurus fossil for dino bucks. Reward is between 170 and 250 and hasn’t changed as far as I remember.

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@DantheMan was that Mega-Archelon thingy available for sometime?

Regarding the trade Harbour I had some of the best trades ever this week (e.g. 8M coins for 400 VIP points … twice). So I think that stuff is super random and can cause long draughts …

@Mary_Jo really happy for you, might still not balance out for all the Tylo’s you got, but at least it’s a start :wink:


LOL, no still not quite enough to match the amount of the other classes I have, and not sure I want to upgrade my teams past lvl 10 still, but the four Henodus I’ve gotten in the last week between the Trade Harbor and Lottery is more than ALL the ones I’ve gotten up until now! I definitely can consider moving my teams up soon, certainly would be nice to be getting the Elite prize wheel for the PvPs! But such a difference when you halve your numbers, not to mention the big jump in cooldown times, in being able to complete any daily PvE events in one sitting, let alone the challenge of doing tournaments if you don’t have enough teams. I had planned to hold off until the next aquatic tournament comes up even though it definitely would be a LOT easier to do the boss battle with level 20’s than 10’s… but having enough to make three lvl 20 Henodus now, that definitely is going to get me thinking. If I get one more from the trade harbor, that will be enough to make FOUR lvl 20’s, that might be enough for me to pull the switch.

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Remember to also have enough to create lvl 20 of cave and surface at the same time :slight_smile:

Due to the VIP packs having two each of the surface and caves to the single reef, it’s always been the case for me that I have many more of the other two classes… but with the frequency I seem to get Tylos, even more so with surface aquatics. This will almost bring the number of Henodus up to just the Tylos I have.

No, I’ve just collected them overtime from the packs.

@Tommi - Maybe I’ll just start doing that, I typically do Coins-VIP Points and the output used to be ~250-500 VIP Points per trade; but lately it’s <150 VIP points so it’s noticeably less. Maybe I’ll try the Fossils tomorrow and see what happens.

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I just won 3 acanthostega in the lottery!! BTW, can someone tell me how to use pics on this site with an iPad?

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