Amazing Rare Scent Capsule

I just had the best scent capsule results I’ve seen yet, by far!

Was on my way home, and there’s a gas station that doesn’t mind me stopping to pick up some dinos that’s in zone 3. Decided to stop in and pop a rare scent capsule since I’ve gotten two recently from scent strikes and didn’t wanna forget and accidentally waste one if I got another from a scent strike soon.

First dino that popped was a rare Triceratops. Was thinking not too bad, I got at least the rare from it, and it was something useful. Then I got an Erlikasaurus Gen 2. Cool, a second rare, not bad. Third spawn was a Wuerhosaurus. Alright, three rare spawns from a free capsule, can’t complain. After that, a couple of Triceratops Gen 2’s…so still wasn’t complaining since I’d gotten three rares and figured that’d be my run of luck.

Then about a block away I see a Monolophosaurus had spawned. Just a random one out in the wild and not part of the event. So of course I had to rush over to grab it…cause Mono! On my way back to the gas station after tagging the Mono, see an Allosaurus and another common spawn, and ignore them on the way back to the gas station to finish up the scent capsule. Not expecting anything else decent, but what the heck.

As soon as I’m pulling in to park…I see a Tuojiangosaurus spawn over an epic, both from the scent capsule…can’t see what it is until I click it. Pretty sure I yelped for joy when I saw it was another Mono! Managed to get it and the Tuojiangosaurus before the timer on them ran out. After that…another Triceratops Gen 2. Seriously figure my luck with this capsule is done. Until another Erlikasaurus Gen 2 popped. And finally a Nodosaurus to finish it off.

Honestly couldn’t believe my run of luck on that one scent capsule. Pretty sure any RNG I had is used up for the next couple weeks :rofl:

But I was excited for how good it was, so had to share!