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Amazing week next week

Is anyone else super hyped for this week


It’s brilliant Meio, Carbo, Smilo and Max for me

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I think this is going to be the best week in forever. Great job to the Ludia team here.
I’ll go for both commons. Meio and Boa G2 for rares. Can’t decide on the Unique or Legendary as they’re all good. And for Epics, it’s also a tough choice. probably boa as it is an exclusive. but i also need carbo for carboceratops.

and a scutosaurus master strike. and mystery incubators for the second annaversary.

Amazing week.


This is where the fun begins
-Anakin Skywalker


Nice week.

Indominus Rex G2

Not sure for legendary. I don’t need any but maybe I’ll shoot phoru thing since it still needs a unique. Although I’ve got a lot already.

Shouldn’t we have 12 epic attempts and not 6?


Oof on the one hand I’m loving the the rare, common and unique. Although there all good choices lol. The legendary kinda ticks me off a bit tho, the pic I like but like idk so many means we probably won’t see them all other wise I’m excited

(Side note: this game has only been around for two years and it’s gone this far down…yikes)

can someone explain this to me with the attempt , we have one attempt with the unique ones?

You get 1 attempt to catch either of them. You can choose only one. same with the legendaries. you can choose 1 of the three to dart.

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For many a good week. For me, the worst impossible.

We must continue to feed the filthy Indo2. It is no longer worth giving away its components at all hours. It is no longer worth giving away tons of Trex during the championship. It is no longer worth giving away tons of Blue again, now in the tournament. In case someone still does not have it at 30, we will give away the Indo2 and the Indominus directly. If the game hurts with Indo2 28 and 29, when until the one who only plays one hour a week has it at 30, it will suck.

So long waiting for a different week, to get this. I would have preferred a week with apatosaurus, nodosaurus and baryonix.

As an addition, as uniques, Ardentis and Orion that cost me a lot of suffering to go up to 30, but well, that is not important.

I suppose I will take Bajadasauro which is the only difficult one to obtain in case one day it has a unique one (difficult), Phorusaura in case it ever has a unique one (difficult) and turtle in case one day its unique ones improve (difficult).


Hell yeah it will be awesome. Definitely gives me incentive to get out of the house on Friday to catch a bus.


Every week should be like that…or similar. People would play the game a lot more


A great week. Too many good ones to choose from.

Don’t know why some people are “glass is half empty”, kinda people.


I’m mostly just a bit made even more indo hen2 ie being given out at this point more than the organism indo, plus we don’t need more Phorusaura lol.

The epics I like what I’m worried about is distribution and how often they’re going to respwan

I’m a little disappointed that we can only dart 1 unique and 1 legendary considering there are 2 uniques and 3 legendaries but hey, better than nothing. Both commons, Meiolania, Max, Pho, and both snakes are my go.


Nothing I need but that is an awesome week!!!

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I’ll take Meio, Quetzorion, Indoraptor 2 and Carbo (perhaps an Indominus2 or two as well). Here’s hoping there are enough green drops, I’m still under lockdown over here!

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So even more “hard to obtain” Indo G2. Yay


So we’ve all seen the schedule for next week, skk ok I know a lot have questions

Maxima or Quetz? And the legendaries?

The uniques I’m not sure about, but if you have one maxed and not the other, go for the other. I don’t have either so I would like some help on that.

The legendaries, go for indo2 unless you have it maxed, then do phorus unless you have it maxed, then smiloceph.

These are how I’d do this stuff, if you know which unique I should go for m, plz lmk.

4 epics but 6 attempts only?


I really need this DNA from Maxima! (Turtle too :turtle:)