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[Ambassador Alert] DPG Headquarters Tracking IUE Anomaly

Dear DPG Members,

At 3:36pm Eastern Standard Time, the Ambassadors to the Dinosaur Protection Group received a report from an unknown source that an IUE (Incoming Unidentified Event) was decrypted for a brief moment before the report was redacted and marked “Classified.”

During the brief decryption process, we were able to decipher only the following.


We’re asking the community to keep an eye out for any information regarding this IUE. If you have any information regarding the IUE, even if but a rumor, be sure to share with us.

Updated News: Reports from the field have been coming in that top DPG agent @Pocemon appears to have a lead on the IUE. His intelligence points to the following message:

Fear Scent. Terror Strike.

We have sent this report back to HQ for analysis into what is coming. Stay tuned for additional information. Due to the nature of this message, please be on HIGH ALERT when in the field.

Happy Hunting,

-DarthOnaga, Ambassador to the Community


hmm… seeing a code here.

Raptor Strike near the end? Irritator Strike?

Fear Scents Terror Strike. Cool Beans


Fart three times at russian roulette sector 3 and till starting telecom 3 pounding ornamental sand rapture


As ususal. Poce has it on lockdown. :smiley:


Fear Resents Terrors??

Edit: The second word does look like Scents.
Does the last part make sense? Raptor Strike?

We need a zombie codebreaker on this

Halloween event


Omg… im so excited! cant wait🌈

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Eeeeeeee!!! So excited.

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Looking forward to it… whatever it is!!! :exploding_head:

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It can be a scent capsule that will attract the creatures we voted on their poll?
If yes, please, PLEASE, tell me you all put Velociraptor and T-rex… I desperately need an Indoraptor! :star_struck:


Yup that looks like it!

Fear Scents Terror Strike

It’s obviously going to involve the dinos in the poll the other month, but can’t for the life of me remember what I selected.

But please don’t balls this up like you have done a lot of things recently. Advertise correctly what you intend to put in the game, and, fix the bugs we all been reporting.

It is simple. Then we can all enjoy a halloween experience!


Fear the Old Blood

Who in the world sits down and track these items? RESPECT…RESPECT…

Can’t wait :heart_eyes:

If thats the case lets hope everyone voted for the “best” dinos and not just the scariest looking ones the survey asked for haha.

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Didn’t we get to choose a unique for that poll as well??? Possible chance to dart indoraptor maybe???

I fear that I smell a Terror-saur strike coming or something else that won’t be useful at all