[Ambassador Alert] "Top Secret" Message Intercepted

DPG Agents,

The Ambassadors have just intercepted a message that we need help deciphering. The subject of the message is scrambled. The only portion of the message we can share is below.

Subject: A%!"a*ce^

Create or join. The decision is up to you, Agent. Either way, you will be a part of something greater than just yourself.

We feel that the message above ties directly into the subject of the message, which could reveal the meaning behind it.

Report back with your speculations below!

Thank you,


I can’t even…
My decode is unable to be posted.

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It’s Alliances.


Yep, alliances.

Guilds are coming… :smiley:


Guilds would be my guess. Yay!

Cool. Interested to see how they are going to work.

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I dont need guilds. I need actual game content that I can participate in from a static wifi location.

It’s been cold and rainy in my area for a week straight. With winter coming this is only going to get worse (and with no foreseeable wifi content coming with it).

I am thinking about taking an extended leave from JWA till spring comes back. :smiley:


Sounds good.

Where I live, it gets well below freezing all winter with feet of snow… who cares. I’ll still be outside walking, still be commuting to and from work, still be walking around malls.

GPS games are not going to work for everyone in every situation. Take a break, live life, so be it! You gotta do what’s right for you.


I want to know how mm works. Can you be matched against ppl in your alliance?

It better come with bug fixes for bugs that we had since launch and additional ones creared during other conteblnt release or else it is a worthless update. Fix things that need fixing before we get more. :confused: that is what most of us are asking for

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Not true. I just want increased spawns in my backyard.


Just throw a JWA party in your backyard that lasts for a month, when Google updates theur GPS activity for maps you should get just that, and you don’t even need to go through Ludia!

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What is an alliance/guild?

Last patch notes were from july 31st, why dont you intercept those instead? ;D

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I am always happy for new features, changes… hope, this is not the beginning of a new mess!!

Wonder what the rules/commitments for alliances would be?

  • Hope this is more of a PVE and does not punish participants for failing tasks/strike events.
    People already get tensed because of the competitive nature of tournaments. Imagine the off-balance of forming groups, allowing only strong people in your group… having to be always online to save your group.
  • The strong getting stronger while the weaker lower level people are left to fend for themselves. Now people need to put more money to get strong.

Hope they share the details/release notes soon.


I was hoping 1.5 would give me Dino tracking. Seems basic stuff is missing and the game already has friend features.

I hope players who play together won’t be unreachable by us loners getting a bit of exercise. Because currently I feel equal.

Dino hunting features would be good. Itd be nice to find some raj, sino, ourano and other very rare epics

just watched poke fodders video and he thinks with the next update ludia is gonna take “friends” a step futher and we’ll be able to make clans!!! sounds great anyone else have any info on this

maybe the clans are going to battle with other clans, based on the total trophies amount? :thinking:

I would much rather they fix all the stuff that’s wrong, then introduce all kinds of new bugs and glitches.

I sense a total train wreck heading our way.