Amber and Boss

Hey I’m desperate, I had 50, a thousand amber and I spent it, but I have no idea how to get it. Could someone please explain it to me? I have an Omega 09 to 13. Does it have to be at 40? please help me.

Hel me please

You can get amber doing the boss events


“Time to Strike” in particular gives a large amount of amber (up to 19,000 for ~105 bucks) The most fun of the boss events, but a decent price tag to participate. Available for park levels 60+

Ok, thank you very much, the bad thing is that I’m 35 and I’ll have to wait to get them. The truth is that you don’t like us, but I’m angry that they removed the dinos from the battle faces, if they removed the fights for DNA there would be more space and they wouldn’t take care of Amber or the events on Monday and Thursday

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Thenks bro