Amber Market Price Adjustments

The Amber Market was created to sell those locked dinos, but they are WAY overpriced, like Pyroraptor cost 11.000 Amber and Tuijango sells at 4.560 Amber and you only win like what 600-9000 Amber at the Playable Boss Event

So here are a couple of new prices for the creatures which are more reasonable:

Tuijangosaurus - 560
Pelecanimimus - 770
Coloborhynchus - 980
Allosaurus - 1.100
Giganotosaurus - 1.400
Tyrannotitan - 1.600
Nasutoceratops - 1.800
Corythosaurus - 2.000
Pyroraptor - 2.000
Supersaurus - 2.200
Euplocephalus - 2.400
Parasaurolophus - 2.600
Rajasaurus - 2.800
Metriorhynchus - 3.000
Suchomimus - 3.200
Dimetrodon - 3.400
Prionosuchus - 3.600
Shunosaurus - 3.800
Scaphognathus - 4.000

What do you think, reasonable or overpriced


We get a lot of amber dna from the last boss battle so it is owerpowered

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Your right, this is a bit OP

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It’s your prices that are op otherwise if we look at the normal amber price it is very hard unless you have high boss creatures

Ah i see the problem

This is way too op. Considering that you can get up to 9k/battles, you can max the scapho in 4 runs….

A great idea by @Sionsith was to double the prices, and buying it unlocks it.

Where did @Sionsith post these ideas

we have infinite amount of amber so no need to nerf the price

This analysis was before they added the 9,500 to the unlockable boss events…

Amber Market shouldn’t have never became a thing in the first place. Jumping through all these extra, expensive hoops just to buy one creature that used to be unlockable in Battle Stages or Events is stupid.