AMC and Walmart in America, what about Europe?


I am an American living in Germany and see no love for the Europeans. No special spinnies for Germany like movie theaters and stores… What gives Ludia? Share the love we all pay and support the game not just America. Also movie has been released since June 6th here and extras like the USA get would sure help. Thanks

AMC - What about the rest of Us?

You can have the wal mart one ,they’re useless. I want Epic incubators.


Those “extras” are sponsored by the location - in other words Walmart and AMC are paying Ludia money so that players will show up at those locations regularly- because if you are there, you are likely to buy a movie ticket or random stuff from Walmart.
So, if you want extras in Deutschland, you need to send letters to stores there asking them to deal with Ludia and pay for extras, because it will bring customers like you into their stores.
And like the guy said previously the Walmart supply drop is just a regular drop in a different color. (Although I have an inkling suspicion they may have paid to have more rares and epics spawn nearby as well, since I often find more of those levels around Walmart, but I can’t be sure.)
Although missing out on the AMC incubator stinks!! Sorry!! :confused:


So all over America players are getting massive Incubators filled with 1000’s of epic and rare DNA’s and what do the rest of us get? Absolutely nowt.

How about sharing the love and doing an incubator at an Establishment here in U.K. and similar around the world.


There are no AMCs in Idaho :frowning: