AMC employee wondering about cooldown customers are curious


Yes I am an employee at AMC and I have a lot of customers asking how long is cooldown time is. If anyone knows please let me know as soon as possible. I know that it will last for a month. All I need to know is the cooldown time. Also I play to. The game is amazing and keep up good work. I got my raptor to level 10 with the amc spin and a rex to level 12.


Payed forum post. Great. Is there anything below that?


yes, good for you, and screw the rest of the world.


Wow paid shills here?
This is getting sad :pensive:.

The AMC event is garbage. Kiss 3/4 of the player base goodbye. Many have no access to an AMC theater. Giving free stuff to a select few is unfair and ruins the game. May as well pay for the sbenny vip hacks I guess…


Wow surprised your post :mailbox_with_mail: isn’t hidden.
Mine was hidden. Paid shills are pathetic.


why was yours hidden and why would mine be?


I just want to tell you that you’re doing a good job, too, Calob. Also, all of my posts that were hidden either had an internet link or an uploaded photo. This being opening week, it might be a while before a forum moderator can get to stuff like that. I don’t know for sure, but I think moderating forums is one of those jobs that any outstanding employee can do, even if they were hired for a different position. Funny how they get all the work. :grin:


The AMC event is 1 time only there is no cooldown