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Amc incubator is amazing!


If you haven’t already go into an amc with a giant orange incubator on top of it. You get some serious DNA. T rex check 20 legendary indominus rex dna check 3300 raptor 330 spinosaurus DNA 3000 coins and 3300 triceratops gen 2


Yes, it is crazy amazing for a freebie.
Anyone know if I go to another amc if I can get another?


Wow what a completely fair event…

I live in Reno, Nevada. A big city without an amc nearby. Closet is a 6 hour drive to Vegas.

Way to completely ruin the game.

Worst devs ever.


And how about countries without AMC? Global much eh?


Sweet. When does it end?


Cool, only 119 miles for that.


Like a month from now. It’s for the promotion of the movie


I noticed a lot people got a T Rex!
I got a dilposaurous instead.
Loving the game I started on Sunday.


No amc in hawaii. Can we make it all movie theaterz?


Awesome - only $1,600 and a 12 hour flight till I reach my nearest AMC Theater!


Not quite 12 hours but still…no way I’m driving this far to the only AMC in the whole state of Idaho.


I’m sorry to laugh. It’s not particularly right but you showing how unreasonably far one is with a flight is hilarious


I wonder what would yield more DNA - the Incubator from the AMC Theater or $1,600 worth of in game cash > incubators?


I think the amc incubators are region locked so even if you flew to the US, if you don’t have a US account, the amc incubator would not show up in your game.


Yasssssss. Went down to the Santa Monica AMC this morning and was trying to get the incubator from within the courtyard manage to still retrieve it without paying for a movie ticket very rewarding thank you for posting this get at me on Twitter -> :bird:#
@STERLINGSHARK much love from Southern California. Happy hunting !:t_rex:



Try being in the UK, my nearest one is across the atlantic


Luckyily theres an AMC down the street from here. Would be cool to see others being able to get local incubators!


Where can I find the AMC Incubator?


If like a lot of us you’re not in the US then nowhere. Whilst full marks for AMC on coming up with the idea as the game is worldwide it’s going to create a big imbalance between those who can access to those who can’t. Watch out for all those US players with their new T Rexes. No beef with the US players hell yeah I’d take as many incubators as AMC would throw at me. However it does imbalance the game and that’s never good for the game players and the games income stream from paying players. Why pay when you can get better outside your local AMC? Over to you Ludia, how are you going to rebalance this one?


I regret that something is not in Europe :frowning: