AMC incubator not showing up when I get there even though it’s on my map


I go to my local theater and it says that there is one available there but I’m here now and there is nothing. What should I do?


Really annoyed I drove all the way here to find nothing even though it said there would be an incubator.


Hey Jose. I had the same thing happen to me. Drive to the one on my map and nothing. Tried hunting in the area and a few other troubleshooting tips other folks posted and still nothing.

Support actually did get back to me and were very polite. Problem is that they said not all AMC’s are participating, even if it is on the map. They are still looking into it, but it is disappointing. Sorry to those out of country, that stinks too!


It’s sucks cause I went there THREE different times. In the past month cause I thought it was a bug. Gas isn’t free lol. Just really annoying.


Same thing happened to me! We drove 3 hours to out AMC theatre and spent three hours walking around trying to get the incubator with NOTHING to show for it.

I wrote customer service a WEEK ago, other then i canned “were busy” response theres been no help.



Can u tell us where AMC area works ?


I had the same thing happen when I went to AMC. Totally crazy


It DOESNT thats the point of the post.