AMC incubator still available?


I’m a new player. I went to the AMC theater in Lisbon, CT on July 20th and there was no epic incubator and the theater was not marked in orange. Other supply drops and dinosaurs did load including the Walmart exclusive supply drop nearby.

Does anyone know if this promotion has ended?


Yeah, it ended unfortunately. Not sure if they will do another promo like that one or not but it would be cool if they did!


I wish there was a different way of handling the promotion. Sure, I’m in Canada but that doesn’t automatically mean any of the towns within driving range have that theatre. Going to Walmart for around 100g or so feels TERRIBLE when you realize you a) only have one store in the entire town and it’s at the furthest edge of city property, so walking around “since you’re out anyway” doesn’t ring true and b) even if we had an AMC here, the only place it could fathomably be is at the LITERAL OPPOSITE END OF TOWN.


I want one in my apartment! My address is 123 fake street Springfield