AMC incubators?


So I finally got an Epic AMC incubator though it was way more difficult than it should have been. Maps showed it behind the theater, not reachable from the lot or inside, had to drive into a neighboring businesses lot, about half a mile away by road. Anyone know if it’s possible to get a second from another theatre?


Hey Katiestl, thanks for reporting this! It’s so frustrating when those AMC Incubators are in hard to reach spots. Our team would like to take a look at this, can you email them here at with your support key and the following information:

  • State of the AMC
  • City or neighbourhood of the AMC
  • Name of the AMC, or name of the shopping centre the AMC is located in


I’ve gotten 1 incubator from a AMC theatre. Are you only allowed 1? I haven’t been able to get another one and I’ve gone to different theaters.


Where did you find those arena ? i was on a AMC thearter arena and no incubator or orange area !


Yeah, same. I went to the AMC on my dino map and nothing. No orange, no incubator. Even though it is on the map, it is ‘not participating’. Bummer too, it was not a short trip.